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Looking For Feedback on My Store Because It Has Gotten Zero Impressions

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1. Website has two products, one of which has two variants for a total of three products.

2. Shopify Theme: Brooklyn

3. Six images on home page in a rotating slide show format

4. Eleven images on one product page, five images on the second product page

5. All images have been optimized and compressed.

6. Titles and descriptions have been front-loaded with relevant keywords

7. I googled the most relevant search term and found my six biggest competitors

8. I then used to evaluate my website. My score was 23 which is pretty terrible.

9. I then used to evaluate my six biggest competitors' websites. Their scores (in order of highest to lowest ranking) were: 15, 3, 10, 6, 14, and 17. So my website is the best of the bunch.

10. I created a Google Ad account and linked Google Merchant Center to it.

11. My Google Ads optimization score is 100.

12. I then created a Google Standard Shopping Campaign.

13. I filled out the Google feed sheet with the necessary product data. I used 70-character titles for my 3 products. The titles were front-loaded with anticipated search terms. They are not keyword-stuffed.

14. I did the same with the descriptions for the three products. The first sentences in the descriptions contain relevant keywords but are not keyword-stuffed.

15. I fetched the feed sheet, allowed Google to process it and received no errors, including in Diagnostics.

16. I set a $100.00/day budget and a $20.00/click budget to start in order to make sure that my campaign does not fall short financially. I will of course modify those numbers shortly because I can't keep that up if I start getting clicks.

17. The feed sheet has been stable for about 24 hours.

I have gotten zero impressions so far.

So I'm wondering whether the issue might be with two items that I've read about:
a) "Quality Score". I have seen Quality Score addressed in regard to Search Campaigns, but not Shopping Campaigns. Does Google publish a quality score for Shopping Campaigns?

b) "Ad Ranking". And I think I have to have a good Quality Score in order to have a good Ad Ranking. Is this correct?

Again, apologies for pulling the trigger too quickly.

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Hey @DaVinci,

I want you to succeed so here is my honest feedback..

I think the first impression of the store is going to turn a lot of people off. The colors and fonts you've chosen don't fit well with the designer aesthetic. 


I would encourage you to take a look at some other websites that sell designer glasses and get inspiration. The great news is, usually themes come pretty minimalistic looking so you don't need to add any customizations to fonts or colors. When designing your website, personal preferences have to be put aside and instead design it around what is going to appeal to your target market.

As far as the theme goes, it works fine on mobile but I don't think it's the best for desktop. The images are way too big, it takes up my whole screen and the navigation is confusing. The eye is trained to look for that navigation bar so I think a lot of people are going to miss the little hamburger icon in the top left-hand corner all together.


Another recommendation would be to get professional photos done. Again, I'd recommend getting inspiration from other websites as to how they do their product photos.

Another thing I'd recommend is having some variety. If you run an ad and someone clicks and is interested but they decide that specific style is not the one they want, you will loose customers by not having any other options for them. I would recommend finding out what is currently trending as far as sunglasses go and offer those options. Again, personal preference aside, you need to pick glasses that you might not necessarily like but they are trending on TikTok or wherever. Which brings me to my next point..

Social media. It's a great free way to market your products. I would not recommend you do ads right now, I don't think this website is ready yet. I see it a lot on here - "500 visitors, no sales!". You don't want to run ads and have an influx of the wrong kind of traffic. That will eat up your ad budget and leave you without any return on your investment. Test the waters on social media first and see if this is something people are interested in.

My last recommendation is to spend some time on your SEO. By default, Shopify will pull your product titles and descriptions and use that as your SEO (that is what is happening in your case). You don't want to leave your SEO to default, you want to be intentional about the words you use so that you are reaching your intended audience. We see it a lot, store owners get plenty of traffic but no sales and they are left discouraged and frustrated. Definitely don't want that for you so please do watch this video:

Again, not trying to discourage you, genuinely want you to succeed.

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up!

Best of luck!

PS: If you need some last minute graphics for your store for Black Friday, we released a free pack. They look like this:


They come in 4 different colors and have percentage variations ranging from 20%-80% off. You can download them for free when you sign up for our email list.


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Thank you very kindly--honest feedback is what I'm looking for.  And you're right, I chose my color scheme around what I like rather than what everyone else is doing.  I have some studying to do.

I still can't figure out why Google is not running my ads though.

Thank you again for the time that you took in crafting your reply.
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Hello @DaVinci, I hope you are doing well! Here is the feedback:

- Add a call to action button on the banner image of the homepage.

- You just have 2 products so you can add an engaging video of your product to attract customers.

- You should change the color theme. 

- Make your store more professional. Add product description. You can refer other sites to get an idea of how it can be done.

- Make sure to enable automatic workflow emails/push for abandoned cart, win back old customers, welcome email, purchase follow-up, or browse abandoned customers.

- Add a Newsletter Subscription with automatic emails with thankyou and discount coupon.

- Add announcement bars or timers to promote your offers on the store.

Hope this helps!

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to install the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Good morning!

I am taking your suggestions seriously and am in the process of making your recommended changes.  One thing in particular that I want to mention: The SEO video that you included in your message--That contains things about which I had no idea.  I am currently changing all of my meta descriptions to put them in accordance with your recommendations.  I now wonder whether this could be a large part of why Google has chosen not to show my ads.

Thank you again.

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I watched the video and went through each of the five items, that is, I:
1. Store and Product Meta Descriptions:
a) I had always assumed that the product descriptions were more important than the product meta descriptions, primarily because I didn't realize that the meta descriptions are what the customer actually sees in the ads.  So I went in this morning and attempted to make each of them answer questions that the customer might have when looking at my ad.  
b) I had never given the STORE meta description any thought at all, so I attempted to improve that by describing what the store is all about.
2. Product Descriptions:
a) Armed with the knowledge gained from improving the meta descriptions I then looked at each product description to attempt to address questions or concerns that a potential customer might have when considering my products.
3. Alt Image Text:
a) I had seen the Alt Image Text and had given it some consideration.  However, I went into each picture this morning and attempted to make the text describe what the picture is trying to convey.
4. Store Navigation Structure:
a) I didn't actually change anything here, although I can see an obvious benefit to creating a more obvious flow for Google and the customer.  However, I have a lot of alligators snapping at me so I set this one aside for the moment.
5. Submit the store's sitemap to Google.  It turns out that I had done this a month or so ago when I was first starting to get into this.  However, the store has undergone numerous changes since then.  I petitioned Google via the Google Search Console to re-crawl my store.
Your comment regarding the colors and fonts confused me a little at first-however, I eventually looked at some of my competitors' websites and can clearly see that they are much more cheerful than mine is.  In addition, I increased the sizes of my images so that they fill up the areas in which they reside, rather than having white space above and below them.
Regarding your comment about the navigation bar and hamburger icon, I haven't yet figured that out.  However, I will attempt to fix it so that the navigation bar is always visible.
Although there has been a lot in the news lately about Tik Tok I confess to having no idea what it is.  I will do some research and attempt to levarage social media as well.
Thank you again for taking the time to do this.
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Awesome job @DaVinci!!

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