Looking for feedback on my store.

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I am looking to improve my Shopify store at www.seashurjewelry.com any feedback is appreciated. 

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It looks good !!! I am gonna recommend it to a friend. Good luck on store !!

Your product is hundreds of dollars per item?

Dan from Ryviu
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Thanks jgfinance!

Hello @sea-shur-jewelr ,

I have gone through your store , it looks good with Antique Collection.

I suggest you to :

--> ADD TESTIMONALS : A testimonial is a customer statement attesting to a brand's or product's superior performance, quality or results.
Firstly & fore mostly it earns the trust of your visitors which may turn them to your future customers.

It is apt saying that the more testimonials you have, the more your visitors will assume that you must be a Trustworthy company.

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--> ADD TRUST BADGES : A trust badge is a logo or a symbol that you display on your site to assure a visitor that your business is legitimate
They ensure that visitors feel safe to share their information and can comfortably put their trust on your website.

Customer trust is a key brand differentiator that can make or break a business. It’s integral to a company’s self-perseverance and long-term sustainability.

--> ADD WISHLIST: The Wishlist feature on a website allows a user to mark items they are interested in and revisit these items at a later date and they will buy.

--> ADD RECENTLY VIEWED PRODUCTS : It is always required to show recently viewed products to your customers in order to remind again about that product. Here we have added option to show recently viewed products to your customers even if they are not signed-in on shop and product page.

--> ADD SOCIAL LOGIN : It is single sign-on for end users. Using existing login information from a social network provider like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, the user can sign into a third party website instead of creating a new account specifically for that website. This simplifies registrations and logins for end users.

Apart from these things your store looks Good. Hope this helps you.



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Hi @sea-shur-jewelr 

I have worked in this industry please see my below feedback 

1. Try to tweak the menu further since you are selling both gold and silver 

Under Pandent Add gold and silver then under that add the products 

2. Add your studio address too right now ur store is lacking a bit of trust since you are selling gold and silver it's an high transaction item so this is important. 

3. Add any certificates if you are providing. 

I will be happy to grow your product sales. Let's discuss further.

Thank you. 




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Hi @sea-shur-jewelr!

Loveee the products and the amount of detail you've gone into on the site! The color palette complements your products nicely, and I like 

  • Menu:
    • Your menu bar is sticky right now, but...I still need to click on the hamburger to access the Menu. Perhaps adding a couple options to the bar itself (maybe "Full Catalog", "About Us", and "Custom Jewelry"?) would help guide me where you want the most traffic! 
  • Navigation:
    • The big issue I feel as a shopper is that your site is very crowded. Like, there are too many products, options, and too much information. The collections option under pendants in the menu requires me to scroll horizontally on desktop and makes your footer very long as well. It's a little overwhelming as a shopper.
    • On the home page, perhaps you could highlight the recommended for you, or "customer favorites" on the home page, and remove the Pendant and Necklace collections. I suggest this because that will show me the 4 collections + a few select products, instead of overwhelming me with choice as I start browsing.
    • I LOVE that you have sort & filter options on your collections pages. Your search is also easy and accessible. (I wanted to look for an octopus pendant and it was EASY.) However, your filter has so many options, that I'll be scrolling for a while before I find what I want to filter it by? Consider limiting it to a few categories—like the different collections and sizes?
    • I would also LOVE to see an option to view more than 20 products on a page if I want—perhaps something like an endless scroll?
    • Someone mentioned above separating the silver and gold products into collections, and I second that. My big issue is that you have really interesting products, and they're so interesting, that I'm going to get lost in them and get overwhelmed and leave. It would be nice to be guided to some products, have features highlighted visually and get more information than just looking at photos of marine life that blend together a little after a while.
  • Product:
    • Based on the detail I'm getting elsewhere, your product page would be a really nice place to get fun facts about the fish/animal. Adding a little story here will keep me hooked and help convince me that I really want to get this product. (Like, reading about how a dish is made whets my appetite, or knowing the significance of a flower makes me want to get the bouquet for someone?)
    • The product names are very long. So as I am scrolling through the collections page, it feels like too much text to read at once. I would recommend shortening it as below, and indicating additional details, like size, bail, collection, etc through the product image (by using badges—try ModeMagic, seriously) or at least abbreviations. It will make it much easier to browse through your catalog!
      • Anchor - Fluke Style - Large | The Sea Shur Nautical Jewelry Collection --> Anchor - Fluke Style
      • African Pompano Fish Pendant with Narrow Bail | The Sea Shur Nautical Jewelry Collection --> African Pompano Fish Pendant
      • Airboat Pendant | The Sea Shur Nautical Jewelry Collection --> Airboat Pendant
    • The disclaimer on product pages "We hold a small amount of inventory. The quantities available for each pendant will be displayed. If your order is in stock it will take 1-3 days to process and ship. If it does not show an amount available then it will be made following your order and takes typically 2-3 weeks to receive." could be missed by a potential customer—an (additional) easier way to communicate this would be through Badges on your product image itself! I'm assuming here that 1 available reflects the number in your inventory? This can easily be automated to update on the image through an app like ModeMagic. All you'd have to do is set up an automation rule that updates your product image based on inventory quantity, with a badge of your choosing. The badge could say something like "In Stock" or "Made to Order" or whatever you wish!
    • You have lovely product photos on Facebook—Adding these to the product page would help me visualize wearing the product better!
      • PS: Your Instagram link in the footer is broken
  • Text/Formatting:
    • The formatting (bold, headings, titles, bullet points, etc) is not consistent across the various pages and this makes the site feel a little amateur-ish. Attention to detail here will help you seem more legit AND make it easier to read through the lovely stories you're telling!
    • Also on some pages you say "I will" and on others you mention "team". Consistency there would be great too.
    • I would also move the Item Availability to a different page from About Us.
    • And perhaps try highlight some sentences/sections in About Us in a "quote" format for better storytelling.
  • Event Page
    • Use photos to build trust + excitement on the event page! It's amazing that you are doing events—this is both a fun opportunity for someone to check out your products in person + highlight them on your website. I would suggest adding event photos and a little blurb about each event (ideally in an expandable format, if someone clicks on the event).
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