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Our Shopify store has been live for a couple of years now and is continually being updated.
Shopify has been a successful platform for us but we are always looking to improve and better what we can do. 

I am specifically interested in feedback on the user experience, the general look methods to better upsell or increase AOV.
Have we got areas which are making customers go away? 

Do we need better images, text layout.. 

We would really appreciate any feedback the Shopify Community can offer. 

our site is:


Many Thanks for your time

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Hi @manip3000 

I have visited your store and here are my suggestions. Hope they are helpful to you

  • Homepage
    1. Activate Quick add to cart button

      You can put Quick add to cart button on all products on the homepage and activate a Sticky cart on all pages so that customers can easily check out their cart. This tool can also reduce abandonment rate and thereby increase your sales a lot. Try out the  app Advanced Sticky Add To Cart to activate Add to cart button, Sticky cart, Sticky bar in your store.

    2. Add Instagram gallery on your Shopify Store: I see that you have a business Instagram account which is great to integrate your Instagram with your store. Turn your Instagram feed into a shoppable gallery and let your followers shop right from the posts. Displaying beautiful shoppable Instagram galleries throughout your site will aid in product discovery, inspiration, and sales. Link your Instagram profile to your store and convert your followers into customers. App Instagram Shoppable Feed can help you at ease and free. 
  • Product page

I see that you have various types of products with nice images and reasonable prices. You can apply a cross-sell method by creating product bundles with discounts. The fact is product bundles with lower total price appeal to customers to buy. By this method, you can sell more products and thereby increase your sales. Besides, you can make discounts for a quantity of products to reduce slow selling products in your stock. Try Bundle Product Volume Discount now.


That’s all my suggestions for your store. If you find them helpful, please give me a Like

Happy selling!

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Hey @manip3000

I’m Richard Nguyen from PageFly- Free Landing Page Builder. I have to say that I completely love your beautiful and professional store and bet you must have put a lot of effort into it. I only have a few minor comments here: 

1. Add prominent CTA buttons instead of images

You know first-time users generally make snap decisions about the site and brand and tend to stick to that initial impression throughout the first time shopping. With the clear and prominent CTA, you can urge your customer to take the desired action. 

The call to action is a key element on a webpage, acting as a signpost that lets the user know what to do next. Without a clear CTA, the user may not know the next steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter and is likely to leave the site without accomplishing their task.

You must design the CTA buttons so that they become visible to your targeted audience at an appropriate time for maximum conversions as well as qualified leads. Focus on your homepage banner, homepage/or dedicated landing pages such as Shopify page builder apps and their CTA to reap the maximum benefits out of your digital campaigns.

All CTA designs now need to be revamped. CTAs are meant to capture attention, so they should be placed in an obvious part of your site with a well-designed look.






Also, I suggest that you should adjust the price same line here to make your page be well-organized: 




And that's all. 

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Hello @manip3000 

Hope you are doing well! Your shop looks very neat and organized. Good job is done there. The theme matches your products very well.

Here are some areas where you could consider working on

  • People tend to buy more from people they can easily relate to. If you share your journey, your goals, and your aspirations with your customers, it will be easier for people to connect with you. If you can create an emotional connection with your visitors, people are sure to buy products from you.

  • Because this is an online store and people cannot touch and feel your products before buying them, they rely heavily on product images, which is why the images have to look top-notch.

    The main problem most Shopify store owners have is that they upload raw images of their products. On the website, this makes the product color dull and unappealing.

    Rule of thumb - never post unprocessed images on your website. In case you are looking to make your images sharp and professional, contact CutOutWiz for any image-related solutions.

    Especially for this kind of product, it is a good idea to have multiple images of the product, from multiple angles, so that the customer can have a feel of what they are buying. If you are looking for an image processing company that will solve all your needs, you can check out CutOutWiz.

  • People always don’t know everything about a product beforehand. When they see a product or show interest in a product, they want to know more about the different aspects and specifications of the product. If product descriptions fail to provide people with enough information about the product and fail to create an appeal for the product, the visitors won’t buy the product. So, provide elaborate and appealing product descriptions to every product to increase your sales.

  • Use a star rating widget to let website visitors evaluate your business. They create standardization, allowing customers to compare different products easily. It also helps you get feedback about your products.

  • Customers read user reviews more than they read product descriptions. If they find that 50 other people have liked your product and have purchased from you, it helps your credibility and they feel safer buying from you. So try to add some reviews of your products and services to your homepage.

Hope this helps you. If you find it useful, leave a like to let me know! Happy Selling! Thank you and the Very Best of Luck to you!

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Hi, @manip3000

Thanks for reaching out in our Community forums and for sharing your store link, I would be happy to share some feedback on your shop!

Firstly, I’m glad to hear that you have been successful on our platform for a few years now and are looking to improve. You mentioned that you are looking for feedback in regards to user experience and how to increase the average order value. After browsing your store, I can say that I really enjoyed looking through your products, it looks like you have a lot of great options for your customers. Another thing to note is that your navigation is great and it was very easy to find what I was looking for. Here are a few suggestions that you may consider: 

  • Firstly, the push notification pop up right when you open the store may be off-putting as the customer may have already started viewing some content and will have to close out the pop up. This will likely degrade the experience as they will have to complete another step just to view your website. Instead of this feature, you can introduce a newsletter to your store and advertise to your customers that way. This way, you can let them know of any up and coming promotions or products. If this interests you, feel free to check out our guide on adding a newsletter signup form and how to implement an email marketing strategy.
  • Another suggestion would be to increase some mobility on your website as it is very stagnant. This could be done in a variety of ways. One method is by introducing a rotating slideshow on your homepage to replace your banner. This will allow you to show more content to your customers and will increase the aesthetic of your store. 
  • A very effective way to increase your average order value is through discounts and promotions. A very popular method is through bundling products. For instance, you can introduce a Buy X Get Y for a percentage off. This will motivate your customers to grab an additional item as they will be saving money. On top of this, you can promote this through your newsletter, slideshow, and announcement bar as well. 

Kindly reply back to this thread with any questions or updates and we can continue our conversation further!

How are you currently advertising your products and how do you plan on marketing them for the holidays?

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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