Looking for quality, constructive feedback on my store.

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I’m new to selling on Shopify and could really use some support in figuring out why my website (heliosvest.myshopify.com) is no longer generating sales. When I started it back in November I was running Facebook ads and started getting sales on day 1 which was really exciting. in fact, for the month of December I made $2k alone thanks to advertising on FB.  

Then, in January of this year, Facebook banned my ad account for reasons that are still unclear to me and since then (even after creating a new account/biz manager) I haven’t been able to make even one sale from FB ads. I haven’t made any major changes to my site or price point other than a couple tweaks to add things like a shaking cart button or a small AI chatbot which I assume wouldn’t dissuade potential buyers from purchasing. 

I seem to still get a lot of traffic from FB (CTR averaging 2.5, CPC $0.67) and even a decent amount of add to carts, but still no purchases. Can someone please checkout my site and give me their brutally honest advice/feedback as to what might be the issue(s) that could be preventing me from generating sales like I used to? I’d GREATLY appreciate it!


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