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Looking for some feedback, first store

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We are close to launching our first Shopify webshop

Our main language is dutch so the translations still need some work. Would love to get some honest feedback.

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Hi @milioooo

Have seen your store and it looks great. 
However, I still have some suggestions for you to help you improve. 

- I think you need to add the "Home" part to the menu section. And also, horseheads sound very creepy, I think horses are fine. 


- It would be great if you can make your logo become more outstanding. 


- You can see this part is not in the middle. 


- Add Quickview buttons on those products to allow your customers to see more product details faster. Therefore, maybe this can increase your sales. 


- Add a CTA button on this section. I think the text "Figure out more" is great.


- Have seen your Instagram and it has many great contents. So you can try to create an Instagram gallery to show the Insta content. 

Check out this app if you want to create one: Shoppable Instagram Gallery. It has a free plan, so you can try it. 

- Your products are good so I think you need to add detailed descriptions including ingredients, origin, etc. Also, add a Buy now button on your product pages. 


Here is my view, and hope this helps!

Happy selling, 







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Thank you @AllFetch  for your feedback. We decided to change the name horse heads to horses. We just launched our site so I can share the permanent url