Looking for some feedback from a new shopify site

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Looking for some feedback on my store -  zipandco.ca! Thank you guys for your help and support it really means a lot 🙂

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Give me your store link and I'm gonna check it out

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Your store is looking great! The product photos look clean and professional, and the level of detail in the product descriptions is awesome! The checkout flow is seamless, and the buy it now option on products is great. The banner telling customers how close they are to free shipping is great too, that will likely help increase cart values. Overall this seems like a great site.

Below are a few ideas to consider:

Implement a sticky header.
The header should be sticky so customers can access the navigation no matter how far they have scrolled down the page. This also lets users get back to the homepage very quickly.

Consider making the call to action more prominent.
The hero content and the photo carousel look good. The Shop Now button could be more prominent. As the main call to action on the page, you want this to stand out and draw customers to click and start shopping.

Consider adding an About Us or Brand Story page.
The section on the home page titled Female Owned - Eco Friendly - Handmade is a great intro to what your brand is all about. Adding a dedicated page where you expand on the brand's story and values can be a great way to create an initial connection with customers and build trust in the brand, especially because your values seem very relatable.

Link to your social media accounts.
Help customers get to your social media by linking to your Instagram and Twitter on #IWearZip. Customers will be less likely to view your social media if they have to copy and paste from your store - a link is way easier! Just be sure to have the link open in a new tab so users are not directed away from your store.


It looks like you are off to a great start. Best of luck!

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Hi, @!

I have taken a look at your website - zipandco.ca - and am absolutely impressed!

It's awesome that you have the Newsletter Sign up as a pop up when first clicking into the website - this is a great way to capture your customers attention with the 10% discount code and build your marketing email address list.

The images throughout the homepage and products are very clear and truly highlight the premium quality of your products. It's also great that you have kept the same colour palette throughout your website as this makes it nice and clean.

I can see you have an app on your website that is syncing your Instagram feed to the home page of your website. This is a great tool to utilize and gain social proof with your customers so I'm glad you've got that.

Overall, your website is easy to navigate so your customers should have no trouble getting around your website and there is no room for confusion anywhere. This is a well thought out and designed website so I commend you on that!

There are only minor tips I would like to suggest that you may look at implementing -

  • Replace the Powered by Shopify section in the footer of your website - You can look at changing this to just have your business name Zip and Co or remove it entirely. In order to do this, you can follow the steps below -
  1. Head to Online store > Themes.
  2. Click on Actions > Edit Languages in your live theme section
  3. In the search bar, you will need to type in Powered by Shopify. 


  4. Underneath Checkout & System / Links, you can edit this to have your business name or remove it entirely by just pressing spacebar on your keyboard in that field.
  5. Remember to Save.
  • Add a FAQ page - A FAQ page is a great way to improve your customer's experience on your website. This section is the go-to page for customers to understand your products quickly and have any questions they have answered right away. Usually customers will not make a sale because of an unanswered question they have and not many are willing to go through the Contact page. This can affect your conversion on the website so I would highly recommend putting together a FAQ page with high quality content and all questions you think may come to mind, answered.

We have the holiday season quickly approaching us so it is great that you've launched your business before then! What are your current marketing strategies for #BFCM and Christmas?

Nia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @Vynatruong 

I have gone through your store and would like to share with you some suggestions like:

  • Please make the header sticky
  • Add CTA under your bestsellers section
  • Add about us page
  • Try to add more customer reviews as it will help you to increase the trust of your customers
  • Add a sticky cart drawer and show which will help you to boost sales.
  • Also, you can give upsells, product recommendations, discounts, product bundles, etc in the cart drawer. This can highly help you to increase your store's sales. If you want to save time in doing this, then I would like to recommend an amazing app for you called iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

Hope my feedback helps!

Sajini Annie John | iCart Team
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Hello @Vynatruong at Zipandco

You have a nice shop overall but here are some suggestions that may improve the customers' experience and your sales:

1. You sell Clips and Scrunchies which are not that expensive and women are probably interested in buying several items of your products. Why don't you try to create bundle offers on your products? We specifically suggest creating BOGO offers (Buy One, Get One) offers for "all" of your products.

2. We saw that you have already created a set of Hair Clips that would be considered as a good marketing strategy, but I am curious that why you didn't put any comparable price on the product? Because that would help you to attract our customers when you show off the money they are saving instead of buying a single product. We have provided the service to create such combo products that are also synced with your inventory.


3. Last but not least, we suggest you create bundle offers and show them on your cart page as Cart Popup. It will look like the following image:



In Fast Bundle we believe that a merchant has the right to have a full experience of using the app before spending any money on it. So all of the features are free to use until you reach a significant level of app usage. So, keep calm and create bundle offers! 😉


Fast Bundle