Lots of traffic but zero sales

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Hi, I have launched my store ads 3 days ago. I got a good amount of traffic but NOBODY purchased anything. I only had two people reached the check-out section. First, I ran a "purchase campaign", but because it didn't work I turned it into a traffic campaign. My target population is people between 18-50, pet lovers/owners, living in certain countries that I can sell my products. 

I don't really understand what I'm doing wrong. My product prices are pretty much aligned with my competitors (if not lower). I was skeptical that something should be wrong with my website design. Any suggestion would be much appreciated.  

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Hi @petadil 

All-in-one marketing platform Growave is here. Since you have traffic but no sales, it could mean that visitors don't find your store reliable enough. Consider eCommerce marketing tools in order to build social proof and customer trust. Getting a text/photo review would be an option. Or share your store's URL for store review.

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Traffic but NO Sales? Here is Why

Find the most common reasons and solutions for not getting any sales even after getting enough traffic.
First off, it is not uncommon to get traffic but no sales. Secondly, the reasons for not getting sales are very common. So, hopefully, you WILL find the reason and a solution for your “traffic but no sales” situation here.

Why you are not getting sales even after getting enough traffic?
Here are the 10 most common reasons for online store owners “traffic but no sales” headache.

Slow page loading
Too many popups
Poor branding design
Low quality product photos
Not having enough product specifications
Too complicated checkout process
Over or under pricing strategy
Not recovering the abandoned carts
Hard to navigate website
Wrong landing page from ads

Hope that is helpful.

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hii, @petadil 
Kindly share your store URL so,
I can see your store design and give you the best suggestion.
Thank You.

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Hi @petadil 

Seun from StoreBundle here. So sorry to hear you've been running campaigns but you're getting zero sales.

It seems you've got the basics figured out, for a more specific evaluation of your store please share your store url.


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kindy drop the store link 

from there we knw how to go about it


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Hi @petadil 

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