Lots of visitors but Haven't made any Sales?

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I recently launched my streetwear line but haven't made any sales I've had about 300 site visitors in the last week and one add to cart. I would love some feedback on my site! Is my site in need of improvement or do I just need more traffic? URL https://daddysrichclothing.com/ 

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Hello @NatalieH,

Hope you are well.

Let’s focus on improving your store sales. To get there, we need to identify the reason behind no sales. Check your site's bounce rate? Are your users bouncing back because they are not getting answers to product questions? With Relish AI’s conversational FAQ’s feature, your customers can get instant answers for all products and brand related questions. Are they not finding the right product? With conversational search, your customers can get what they want just by conversing with the chatbot as they do in a physical store. Or a quiz-like feature that could guide the user to the right products would help. Are users abandoning their carts before check-out? An exit-intent campaign with personalized incentives(like free-shipping or discount coupons) can help reduce the number of abandoned carts Improve customer engagement with always-on live-chat to help users and nudge them to finish the purchase.

You can choose from a multitude of apps on the Shopify store to address these issues individually. Or you can check out Relish AI for an all-in-one solution. Our conversational AI-powered chatbot/shopping assistant engages customers from the moment they land on your store, provide instant answers for products and brand FAQs, provide 24/7 automated customer support, reduce cart abandonment and support tickets by 30-50%.

We have a 14-day free trial available that you can check out.