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I recently opened a Shopify store, https://theecolux.com/ it’s been open for about two weeks now with over 600 sessions, I tried tweaking things here and there to try and improve conversion rates but nothing seems to be helping.  I’ve had in total 4 add to carts and 1 reach checkout, can someone please check out my store and see if there’s anything I should change? Anything that may turn customers off?

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Hey @CheyEco,

Congratulations on launching your store. Sorry to hear the launch wasn't as profitable as you had hoped.

When you get high traffic and no sales it either means you are getting the wrong kind of traffic (not your target audience) or there is something within your store that is turning people away (product prices, shipping time, shipping cost, a site error etc.). I'm not sure how you are running ads, but my guess is that ad targeting may have something to do with it. You currently only ship to the United States so anyone coming in outside of the states will get to checkout only to find you do not ship there and abandon cart. We did a video on our 2021 Ad Strategy that I'd recommend giving a watch:

At checkout, you have free shipping (which is great) but no estimated shipping time. You have a separate page for this but the customer likely wont read it, this information should be clearly displayed at checkout. Without it, customers may abandon cart.

As for your products, I'm not sure what your setup is if you are working with other companies and drop shipping or buying wholesale, but for products like the Lava Pumice Stone with Cotton Loop or the Rosemary Peppermint Vegan Soap Bar, you can purchase those directly from the original maker at a lower price point than you are offering. You can definitely make sales doing wholesales or dropshipping, you just need to give people a reason to purchase from you vs. your competitors. Maybe for you that's offering gift-baskets, or targeting local to start out and offer the best selection of handmade, natural products made by other locals.

I will leave it at that for now but if you would like talk to us 1-1, we offer sessions where take a look at your store, identify the greatest issues holding you back, then provide solutions and advice. You can email us at ecomgeeksco@gmail.com for more information.

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up and/or marking it as a solution!

Best of luck!

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Thanks for the feedback!  I am currently trying to dropship these items but didn’t even think to look into the prices for suppliers that have their own sites, I’ll definitely look into that and adjust my price points.  As far as adding shipping estimates, I’ll have to look further into doing that accurately, I didn’t do that because I have suppliers with different estimates shipping times and don’t want any potential customers to feel blindsided if items come at different times.  Do you have any advice for that? 

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Hey there, @CheyEco!  

Congrats on the recent launch! While the results haven’t been what you expected, you’ve done a great job at creating what will be a great store. 

My general opinion is that you need to spend more time working on the details. The photos weren’t the same style or dimension, and it didn’t scream luxury. As a result, I found myself often worried that your products were going to be worth the cost, even though the price wasn’t super high. 

Are you using any visitor behavior tools? That would be helpful here. If you could see what people are doing on your website through session recordings (to see what people are doing while on your site) or heatmaps (to see where they click or scroll), you may be able to see if you’re driving the right traffic and what’s stopping those people from checking out.

Here are 10 things that I found: 

  • Update your pop-up. Explain what the discount they will receive (1). Make sure the cases match for both fields (2), and note that they can opt out at any time (3). Also, are these your brand colors and general look you want to go with? I would think you may want to update it to look more lux.
  • Link your announcement bar to the All Products collection. I would also use a different color to make it stand out. 
  • Main navigation: Use heatmaps to see where people are clicking and watch recordings of people engaging with your store. How do they move around to find the products? You may find that you can update your main navigation to better fit your visitors.
  • Logo: Why aren’t you using the logo? It only switches to your logo when you scroll. Make a new logo that is all-white to give your site a more cohesive look. 
  • Homepage: Evaluate it with a scroll heatmap and a click heatmap to evaluate the overall layout. I would suggest removing your mission statement (not of value for a sale) and feature collections rather than products under your hero image. I would also scrap the ability to buy straight from the homepage. If you sold one product, it’s more understandable. Since you sell multiple products, it doesn’t work. 
  • Overall messaging: I would run a poll to see what your visitors are most interested in because there seems to be conflicting messaging by the “Sustainability is luxury.” It may not be what your visitors are interested in. If you asked, “What influences your buying decisions,” and you list, luxury products, sustainable products, cost, etc., you may find that your visitors are valuing something different than you expected. 
  • Footer: There’s no way to contact you. Instead of your About Us as a column, I would feature ways to contact you. If people don’t know how to get in touch with you, that may be a red flag. Add live chat to keep people on your site while you answer their questions.
  • Collection page: You’re losing me here. There’s no filter and the photos are all sorts of dimensions and layouts. Keep it consistent. If nothing more, you MUST ADD A FILTER. There’s no way around that. Add filters for collection, type of product, material, cost, color, rating, etc.
  • Product page: Reiterate free shipping for US-base customers. Include cleaning instructions; some were mentioned but not very clear. Remove the “You may also like” feature. It’s repetitive from the “Similar products” feature you include. You want reviews to come immediately after the description.  
  • Products in general: Be very careful with the products you are selling here. Remember, you are trying to be LUXURY. Right? They are all health products, so where does the biodegradable phone case come in? I found a few products in there that didn’t add up. Don’t add it in just because. Keep it in your niche. 

You’re on the right track here, and I can’t wait to see how visitor behavior helps your website evolve and grow.  Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Thanks for the tips! I'll start looking into these changes and hopefully, I can continue to progress!

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Hi @CheyEco


Have seen your store and it looks quite great.  

However, here is some of my suggestions for you:

- It would be great if you can have more than one banner. Some other banners should show some specific products. This can encourage your customers to reach out to them faster. 

- The logo looks quite small. Maybe make it bigger. 

- You should have the same size for those product photos. Also, you can add the Quickview buttons to allow your customers to see more product details.


- When your customers buy the Eco packs, of course, they want to see the discount. Or at least, the compared price. 


- On your homepage, you should add:

+ The reviews and photo reviews. It would increase your social proof. 

+ The Sticky Add to Cart for your pack. 

+ The Instagram gallery. Have seen your Instagram account and it looks great, so take this advantage. 

If you want to have one, check this app Shoppable Instagram Gallery. 

+ The section that shows the benefits when shopping at your store. 


- I see your "Our Guarantee" section, You should make this part bigger. 

- On your product page,  you can add: 

+ The Buy Now button 

+ More Upsell and Cross-sell methods. For example, the Product Bundle or Frequently Bought Together. 

+ The Sticky Add to Cart bar to keep the Add to Cart button visible. This app Advanced Sticky Add to Cart will help you do that.


- You should focus on some points here:

+ Highlight discounted products and new arrivals. 

+ Increase social proof. 


Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 


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Hello @CheyEco, I hope you are doing well! Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase:

The home page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. Slideshow Image- Collection List- Product Recommendations- Testimonials- Newsletter sign up box- Instagram Feed.

- Add a review carousel on the homepage.

- Add a 'Buy Now' button on the product page. 

Add a web push notification - It turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. It’s a powerful and effective marketing tool adopted by online businesses to reach out to and interact with their audience, keep them updated about any important information, announcing sales and offers, and eventually driving more eCommerce conversions.

Start giving loyalty points on activities like on signing up, allowing for push notifications, follow or share on social media, on birthdays, visiting a store, leaving a review. This will help you to entice your visitors and will also increase the number of push subscribers, reviews, newsletter subscribers. A loyalty program helps in increasing sales and increase the retention rate.

- You can add a countdown timer to create urgency for your promotions or offers with the countdown timer bar and motivate your customers to buy more from the store. It helps in increasing sales.

- Product page looks good!


Moreover, if you would like to implement the above customer engagement features/ marketing tools in your store I suggest you to install the 'All in one' Shopify app AiTrillion, a full-fledged marketing solution. It will help you to capture visitors coming to your store and will help in getting more conversions. 

Hope this helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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In response to shipping, it's tricky but I would err on the side of caution and over estimate the shipping time. You might think longer shipping times would turn people off - and maybe it will for some, but long-term, you want happy customers and it's better to just say up front, "hey, this could take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive" rather than not giving a shipping time and then getting an email 2 weeks later from an unhappy customer wondering where their package is. Customers tend to get upset when they have to wait longer than expected, they are satisfied when it shows up on time, and they are grateful when it shows up earlier than expected. Over estimating you shipping will either give you satisfied or grateful customers.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @CheyEco ,

Your store looks fab. I love all the earth-friendly products you have on your store. We need more stores like yours. Rather, we need more people buying products from your Shopify store.

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