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my store has been put on hold by Google ads for misrepresentation but will no detailed explanation. I am pulling my hair out (what’s left) to work out what it would be for.


can somebody provide feedback on my website please and provide any areas for improvement. 

only think I can think left is that we are registered legally at an offset address and we don’t have a physical store, only a mailing address. Do I need to make this more explicit and how would I do this?


also would the compare at prices I have listed on most products be causing a suspension?


Thank you in advance



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My guess is that it's the address: See this answer: https://support.google.com/google-ads/thread/220840421?hl=en&msgid=220844042


If the address isn't the same as what Google can determine independently, then this may throw a Misrepresentation flag. Still frustrating that they seem to offer no help whatsoever about exactly what the problem is.


Edit: I see that your Google Places address matches the one that you have on your site. You mentioned that the address is an "offest address". If this means that there is no storefront at the address and it's only a postal mail forwarding or virtual address, then this may be the problem.


I've heard about people having problems with virtual addresses when they try to claim a physical store.


Google tends to rank sites higher in the results if a physical, publicly accessible address is found to match that which is displayed on the contact page of a website.


This has led to SEO spammers and those trying to rank higher in Google trying to fake a real address by purchasing a virtual address and using that as their non-existent "physical storefront" address.


If you Google: help with google ads suspension there are a number of helpful threads including  firms that specialize in helping with Google Ads and merchant suspensions.


Hope that helps.

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I'm not the OP and I don't think this is what is causing the problem.

If you're not confused, you're not thinking.