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I have several questions for my Shopify store that hopefully someone can answer most or atleast some of them so i can improve my Shopify store. 
The link to my website is

1. I’ve begun posting ads (TikTok, I’m aware isn’t the greatest targeting for my niche) but I’ve noticed I’ve gotten about 400 store views but not only have i not gotten any purchases i haven’t seen any “added to cart” in analytics. What are free trust builders i can implement into my store? What can i do to increase conversion? 

2. Why won’t my favicon appear on Google search engines (i have set up site maps and google analytics)

3. Why hasn’t anyone subscribed to my pop up

4. what can i do to make navigation easier/ is my website simple and accessible enough 

5. I currently use dawn theme. Are there any free themes i can use to increase page speed, legitimacy, etc. any other page speed optimization recommendations?

6. Are there any free reliable chat bots i can use 

7. Best advertisement/ marketing methods? (For my niche) 

8. Are there any obvious flaws that need to be addressed 


I would also appreciate any overall advice as I’m relatively new to the entire field. I feel it is important to note that i am Dropshipping. Thank you in advance for anyone who can answer at least one question for me. 



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Regarding 1. adding a third party review service is helpful -- such as Google Ratings or Trustpilot. Another trust builder is a live chat service ( is free for example), but you really need to be online a lot of the time and talk to your visitors to build trust!

2. Sorry, I'm not a developer.

3. For me there is no popup when I visit your website.

4. The website seems fine but I find the design is strange. You might want to invest into a professional design, if you have the budget for it. Maybe just changing the theme would do it. 

6. You are just starting out, you're not a huge brand! I would NOT use a chat bot, I would sit there myself day and night trying to get at least someone to chat with me!

7. You need to test the marketing methods - with a very limited budget each - and see what works best for you. Whether that is instagram, Google Search or maybe a small influencer.


I hope that helps a bit.

If I helped you, please consider getting in touch with me for a 10 minute interview. I'm looking to build software that helps online shops. Me and my two team members would like to talk to you to find a good problem to tackle with software.