My new Theme templates aren't uploading

My new Theme templates aren't uploading

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So I make a new theme template by going to customize --> Home Page --> Pages --> Create Template 

So i make the template and save it, but when I go to pages, I only have the opiton of Default and Contact us. 

Am I missing a set, I am trying to setup a FAQ page template without changing all my other pages. 

Help much appreciated 

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Hi @ShakenCC To create a new template for your FAQ page without altering other pages, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Online Store > Themes
  3. Click Customize on your active theme.
  4. In the theme editor, locate the top dropdown menu which likely shows “Homepage” by default.
  5. Click on this dropdown menu and select Pages.
  6. At the bottom of the dropdown menu, click Create template.
  7. Name your new template something like “faq” or “faq-template”.
  8. Select Base this template on: "Default page".
  9. Click Create template.
  10. Now, you’ll be editing the new FAQ template. Add the necessary sections, blocks, or content specific to your FAQ page.
  11. Save your changes.
  12. Go back to your Shopify admin panel.
  13. Navigate to Online Store > Pages.
  14. Find and select your FAQ page or create a new page for FAQ.
  15. On the right side, under Theme template, select your newly created template (e.g., “faq-template”) from the dropdown menu.
  16. Save your changes.


By creating a dedicated FAQ template, you can improve your store’s functionality, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost sales. If you encounter any issues during the template creation process, ensure your theme supports custom templates and is updated to the latest version. You can also refer to Shopify's help documentation or contact us for further assistance.



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