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My Shopify Store review

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Hey guys. 


I just got into this whole dropshioping thing and i was wondering if you guys could check out my website and review it for me. I will take any reviews i can get.


here is the link: 


Kind Regards,


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hi I would love to but the link isn't working

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Hi, @petster-co 


I would be glad to help you do some optimzations on your website! Here are my suggestions!





Firslt, I think your banner is kinda simple, and the part I emphasized, you should at least use a different color.The "SHOP ALL" button is really crucial and you should attract new visitors to see it at a glance, maybe change it into a different color or even make the font larger.


Another part you may need to improve is the banner design. Normally, when people come to your website and buy some related products for their pets, if they saw that the picture happened to be their breed, they would be more willing to buy your products. Besides that, I think you may also change the tint into some warm color to make your customers feel like home. 


Thirdly, I think you should add more  navigation to your homepage. For example, I didn't see any  navigation about "contact us", "privacy policy"




Marketing Automation

I didn't see any popups when I first entered your website. I fully recommend you to use some marketing tools to help you add some popups, which could collect the new visitors' contact information, so that you can convert them into your loyal customers. That's a really crucial step! Also, you should add the online chatbot to your website. Labor costs are really expensive when running an online store. A chatbot can help you serve your customers 24/7 without missing a single message.


So, I understand that it is really tough to run a store at the beginning! I am very glad to help you with any questions you have. Try some google plugins, or some marketing tools with high rating in Shopify app store. If you only have a limited budget, then try some cost-effective tools. Hope that my suggestions will be helpful for you!

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Best Wish


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Hello @petster-co


I have some of reviews of your store.



The product image has a pretty good effect

- Have search function and contact page

- Collection page have filter product function

- Product page have review function, support installments with Shoppay


Suggestions for you:

- "Shop all" button is not prominent to attract customers to click on it => you can change change it into a different color, different background color or make the font larger

- Product title have font-size pretty small => Please change font-size bigger

- Product page have 2 function review + => Please change the first function to review star badge and the second function to new row

- This section can be change to a single page (About page)

- Dimention dropdown have not content => Please add content for it or remove this section

- Link on Shipping & Returns dropdown can not click => Please change to hyper link


This is just my personal opinion, you can refer to AIDA in design

Hope that my suggestions will be helpful for you!


Best regards,
GemPages Support Team

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