My speed score is 22

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Hi Guys, 


My speed score is at 22 and I've found it keeps going down every-time I edit the website. I downloaded a theme but I didn't edit it that much. I removed the pictures that were larger files and even then Shopify won't let you exceed that limit. Im at a loss and its affecting my sales and people are only on my page for like 2 seconds. Im truly concerned please help!!!

Please feel free to view my website ( FBFFstyles or fboyfreefridays).com and navigate through it to see something I don't.



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22 is a normal score if you're using store facing apps.

The score usually won't change from theme edits (unless you're adding images or altering your code in a way that slows down the site, which is rare if you're just doing normal website edits).

The score with that tool (it's based on Google PageSpeed Insights) is an estimation and can change from run to run, day to day.

I have 2 recommendations:

1) Remove that animation where every time you load a page it hides the page contents and shows that spinning wheel. That makes the "perceived load time" slower, because the visitor feels like they are waiting, rather than normal behavior where the page loads elements right away and does not hide until the page is loaded.

This may be a setting in your Customize Theme settings. If you can't find it there, contact your theme developer to ask how to turn it off. If neither of those work and you need a developer to handle it, reach out to Our team of Shopify developers can help you out.

2) For load speed, focus on what can be optimized and don't worry about scoring in any tool. The Google PSI (and thus the current iteration of the Shopify speed score) tool do not factor in engaging features that ecommerce stores use to increase their conversions. Furthermore, you do not have full control of your server or code (because of using 3rd party apps), so many of the recommendations those tools use are irrelevant or there's nothing you can change in them.

Use the Shopify Analyzer tool to get an analysis specifically for Shopify sites. From there you can see if there are optimization issues + get recommendations and guides to fix them.

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