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Hello All,


I am new to this forum. I wanted to get help with figuring out why my store has yellow at top How Can I change?

Any ideas?


Thank you in advance!



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Hi @MGold ,

I visited your site. But I can't see anything yellow on the top. You fixed it, right?



By the way, I would like to have some comments for your store.

1. Slide on the head

Display Your Unique Value Proposition

Failing to display your unique value proposition  (UVP) straight away is a rookie mistake.

Manish Dudharejia writes at SEJ , “It is very common for new e-commerce brands to fail to differentiate themselves from their competition.”

Your UVP tells customers why they should buy from you over the million other stores out there.

Thus, increasing conversions.

The message is short and simple, outlines the benefits of products.

To develop your own UVP, think about what sets your brand apart from competitors.

Does your product solve a unique problem? Do you offer better service or quality, perhaps? What benefits can’t be found anywhere else? 

Also ask existing customers what they like most about your product, brand or service. This gives you a real insight into why customers buy from you.

Then, display your UVP prominently on your homepage to inspire purchases.

2. Have an Eye-Catching Sale Section

Let’s be honest, sales promotions generate big bucks.

Just to give you a quick example, Cardi B’s collab with Fashion Nova generated $10.8 million  via its pre-Black Friday  flash sale.

Not bad, huh?

With that in mind, it’s important that you have a distinguished sale section on your homepage. You want the bargain hunters to be able to access it quickly and easily.

Some sites are a little more subtle. They differentiate their sale section in the navigation bar via color or font-size.


For your e-commerce store, you may want to go big and bold if your promotion is your most important campaign at the time.

Or subtle, to get that regular stream of discount-loving customers to make purchases.

Either way, it’s easy to find where the bargains are on your homepage.


3. Demonstrate Site Security

Customers think Mr. Robot is just waiting to grab their details at any moment.

It can happen.

So, you have to show people that your site is secure.

According to Baymard , 17% of consumers abandon their cart due to a lack of trust.

If you have widely recognized trust seals  on your homepage, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

You may instead wish to display your security seals in your site’s footer. Only use seals that are well-known. Or attach a link that takes the customer to your security provider.

Furthermore, you need to have an SSL certificate. If you don’t, Chrome now flags your site as ‘Not secure’ .

What a turn-off that would be for potential customers. No one wants to hand over their credit card number to an unsecured site. You need to reassure customers that their financial details are safe with you.

And connecting to your social media make your customers trust you more

For example


4. your website is lacking JSON-LD, which is a linked data format recommended by Google.

Activating JSON-LD will help you showcase some aspects of your website on search pages such as reviews, ratings, price,... which can increase your click through rate and drive more traffic.

5. Your store is lacking a favicon (an icon next to your web address tab), which might undermine customers' trust in your brand and products.

Fixing these might take some tricky technical steps but luckily, there are free marketing/SEO apps from Shopify that can help you do it easily. I'm personally using this one as I find it most user-friendly ( ) Just what I learned from my personal experience. Hope it could help and best of luck for your business!!

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Thank you and have a nice work!!!