My Store Is Live Any Feedback Would Be Appreciated

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After working weeks on the design of my store I have launched it and now it is live. I would appreciate any feedback about what works and might need to be changed or improved. Here is the URL address: My store sells Pop Art inspired prints and canvas prints.

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Hello @Corpus10, I hope you are doing fine!

Congratulations on your store!

Your store looks absolutely amazing no doubt there, the home page and layout visuals everything is great. But I was disappointed that you don't have a favicon, I hope you'll add it soon. Other than that I'd suggest if you try and make your store more engaging, introduce some offers. One thing that I found odd is that your product titles and their description don't live up to the store's amazing look, if the description is a little more organized it'd help customers understand better about the product. Lastly the product title a good product title should have all the essential information about the product take Amazon’s product titles for example.

Moreover, I have checked the On-Page SEO rating of your website which isn’t good enough. You might want to work on that along with the products which have useless meta description as meta description and SEO rating vastly impact your store visibility on google and other possible interaction places. Also, the meta description plays an important role in attracting the right kind of traffic ultimately resulting in better sales.

I’d really suggest you try Descrii, they provide titles, descriptions, and meta descriptions for your products that’ll help your website to climb high in search rankings and ultimately gain more traffic and conversion.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day!