My store is now live and I would love some honest feedback if you have the time. Thanks

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I have just removed the password from my store and before I announce to the world that its live, I would love your honest feedback. 

Thank you in advance. 

Here is my store

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Hi @Holly-LDoodle 

Thanks for sharing! I just browsed through your store and I think it is really well designed. Navigating the store from the homepage to checkout was easy and intuitive. I think you have done a really good job with this one - the customer experience is well thought out.

I guess you have started thinking about how your target customers will find your store - you can check this fantastic and in-depth article that covers all you need to know about Shopify SEO 

Here are some important areas you will want to focus on are :

I do have some suggestions that can help improve the customer experience

1. Engage with your customers and visitors - I will suggest adding a Live chat, you want to reach out to your visitors and show that you're ready to answer any question they might have. You can have a Live chat that launched after 60 seconds of someone landing on your store that asks, “How can I help you today?”. The idea here is to engage and show your visitors that you're available to answer their questions.

2. Add a Quickview option on the products on your collection and home pages: Having a Quickview option on your collection page will make it easier for your customers to view more of your products. When your customers are able to easily preview and read the product details without going to the product page, they are more likely to view more products and which in turn can increase their chances of making a purchase. The Quickview should have all the details on the product page like a pop modal that can easily be closed


3. I will suggest adding advanced filtering and search app to help your customers quickly search & filter what they need to lower bounce rates and convert more - A lot of merchants are using an advanced search and filtering app on their stores because it works - the easy it is for customers to find what they want, the more likely they will make a purchase. You can check out the Collection filter and search bar app by Sobooster used by 3000+ brands on Shopify to boost sales.

Hope you find something useful from this feedback going forward.

Cheers and Goodluck!

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Hi @Holly-LDoodle

Your store looks great! I can see all the hard work you have put into the store’s appearance. Here I want to add more details to help you make the store perfect and increase conversion rate:


1, Add a heading and a call-to-action button overlay on your hero banner to increase conversion rate on your store. You may want to ensure that the Call-to-action button is within the above-the-fold area where it catches the most attention from customers.



2, Add a filter to your collection page so customers can find their product quickly. You can choose the filter of alphabet and/or image type of product.



3, On the product page, make the accordion a solo section, so that when customers open it, it will not create a wide blank space on the left side



4, Having Testimonials section on your page is a great idea! However, try to use real-life feedback from customers and allow them to leave feedback on your store - this will increase trustworthiness on your site.


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Hope your business is successful and gains more sales everyday!


Please let me know if it works by giving it a like or marking it as a solution!

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