My website is slow :(

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Hello guys.

I need help. I don't know why my site is slow to open?
Sometimes the site is good, the speed is good, sometimes it does not open and indicates that the site is being opened and wait for more than 10 minutes.
I tried from more than one computer and from more than one place but the same problem ..
Please help me, thanks


Hi @Avenues 


I would love to provide you some guides about Page Speed because this is one of the most important factors to an online store. 

It is much better to catch and keep people during their visits and purchase decisions with fast loading time pages so this will lead them on the way to the conversion.


Here is the article about PageSpeed with some factors affecting the page speed and some ways to improve the page speed of your store.   

If you heard about Google PageSpeed Insights, it is quite popular but it still not accurate totally for a Shopify store, you can consult there. 


Besides this article, you can consult a guide on how to optimize mobile performance for an online store. You can test more on other websites such as WebPage Test, Mobile-Friendly Test, etc.


Another one is a guide that indicates clearly how to optimize the code of your store. 


I hope my recommendations can help your store in some ways.


Let me know if you have any questions!

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Hey Avenues,


The problem could be caused from many, many different things—and we don't know what it is unless you share the problematic URL. Could you send it over so I can have a look at it?


If you don't want to do that, try inputting the URL into Google PageSpeed Insights.


First, I would check if Shopify have any issues. If all is green, check if you didn't install any new large apps recently. They can be a reason for slow loading time on your store. You can hide slow loading behind some page animation. There are apps for that, for example Preloader App . You can also hire developer like myself, to take a look into your store and let you know what is going on there.

Maciej Tokarczyk
Shopify Expert


Yes slow website speed is quite frustrating. Low page speed may also kill your traffic and affect your conversion. So in order to Improve website speed your need to:

  1. Remove unnecessary code on a high priority basis.
  2. Compressed images or Defer offscreen images.
  3. Web Pages need to be Minified.
  4. Reduce JavaScript execution time
  5. Minimize main-thread work
  6. Organize your tracking with Google Tag Manager
  7. Beware of excessive liquid loops
  8. Decrease thumbnail image size
  9. Weigh the benefits of installing another app

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve.

I hope you like my feedback!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

 Thank You!


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