Need a review of my store, plus some help with a few problems!

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Hello and thank you for clicking on my post!

I'd like you to take a look at my website for a bit ( IT'S FAR FAR FAR from being finished, so keep that in mind ), I've only added few products for men ( pants to be specific ). I spent most of the time getting the look and feel right, then added some emailing system for abandoned carts and whatnot, and some loyality points system. Maybe you have some things in mind that could improve my store?


And now.. I do have some problems that I couldn't find the answer to, I've searched for a long time now:


- The prices on my products look weird. Both prices look like they are the original one ( greyed out and cut with a line, as you can see on my site ), and even when you click the products, you can faintly see the prices, I'd like, for example, the original price ( compared at price ) to bet greyed out and smaller, and the discounted one to be like... orange and bigger? I don't know how to do that yet.

- I need to better display my payment info, I have it in the footer, but Google Merchant still banned me for insufficient payment info and some other things. I added more clearer policies in the footer and I was thinking if there's a piece of code for displaying payment info ( like mastercard, visa, etc ) icons at checkout or where is necessary.

- On my loyality program, I have lots of discounts you could buy, and I was wondering how it works, I use AiTrillion for most of my systems. Do people that let's say, buy a 50% discount, receive a randomly generated discount code that works only once, by AiTrillion, or should i be doing something myself? Because I do have a pop-up option for abandoned cart that I think would look great! But i want the code that you receive to be randomly generated and have only one use, I don't know how to do that in the app, for now, I just generated a code myself that only has 1 use and it's displayed when you abandon your cart. ( I'd love to have an app or something that generated discount codes, let's say the abandoned cart notification says: Hey! It looks like you abandoned your cart, here, take this discount code and continue to checkout! But be careful!!! It expires in 5 minutes!!: == THIS WOULD BE THE CODE ==, but what I write in the 'body' of the notification is just plain text, I don't know how I could integrate that into it ... ) I hope I explained it well, if not, I apologise.

- My newsletter pop-up works alright, again, used the AiTrillion one and pasted the code into my theme's newsletter pop-up code, somehow, it worked ( I don't have much experience with coding and was surprised that it was so straight forward ).. but now, my problem is that, if you scroll down, the newsletter pop-up stays UNDER the footer ( besides the one that literally pops up and you have to c lose it ) I'd like to move it INSIDE my footer, like, on the right of the policies, as you can see, there's the perfect free space for it, so, instead of it staying UNDER the footer, I'd like if you guys know a way to make it stay in the place I've talked about.

- On mobile, the 'Live message' system's icon is too big and covers the 'Get me to the top' arrow ( you know, the one you press once you are let's say at the footer and want to get back to the top ) I'd like to move the arrow up a bit, in order for it not to be under the 'Live message' icon.

- In my themes settings I have a font setting, I looked up at that thing with Google Fonts and how you have to write the name of the font and voila, but... I can't get it to work, I've written the names of the fonts exactly as they are, even copied and pasted it, doesn't seem to work.

- On mobile, my site looks good enough, but not great, I mean, my 'slide-show' with images and text look weird, the grey part with text on it get's cropped and you can't see the image, maybe there's a way to keep the entire size of the image slide-show but zoomed out a little or maybe you have some other ideas to make it more mobile friendly?

- Also, I haven't really optimised anything for mobile, the theme I use is kinda hard to use in my opinion haha, but eventually i figured some of it out. So, in theme settings, there is some Megamenu and Menumobile settings that I can't really figure out how they work and what they do and... I don't know. On mobile, when I click the three lines button in the top left corner, I see currency and language options, but I don't want them, I only use the website in my country and that's what I target, I translated most of the site in my language by hand, and I can't afford going into every app I've ever used and translate it into more and SOMEHOW get it work on the change of a button. If you could, I'd like some ideas on what to integrate there and how, what's the best use of that menu.

- Do you know, in the EU, can I dropship BRANDED products? Like NIKE, PUMA, ADIDAS, etc. Or is that illegal?


Sorry if I didn't explain in the best way, wrote too much or posted in the wrong Discussion! English isn't my first language, so I apologise for any misspelled things.

I will continue working on my website, little by little, it's my first time doing this, but I want it to be done right! I am open to any kind of advice or criticism, I'd love to hear any way I could improve and maybe get recommendation of cool apps to use and whatnot!

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Thank you for the reply! I sent you an email if you want to discuss more about this.


I am waiting for others to comment as well, I really need your help!

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This post seems to be identical to :

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Dear @Lovasa 

Suggestion : It is better to first finish the website then go for review and other work.

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Hey! Thank you for the reply!


I posted here because I mainly wanted help with the problems I'm facing, since I've been searching for a few days and nobody really could help me. 

I didn't want maybe an in-depth review, maybe more of a general idea like is the shop looking clean and professional, or does it feel bland and unexciting? Maybe you had some suggestions on adding new tabs or new designs or something, besides the un-added image above the footer, and the other images/products for other categories, the overall look will stay the same!


Thank you again for your reply, if you could help me with any of my problems listed above, please, reply!