Need Advice for landing page for bfcm 2021

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Hi guys, how are you preparing for black friday this year? 

I wanna share with you guys my experience of having a failed page last year. 

Here’s my landing page last year


Then I was searching for themes and apps to build pages, I chose the Pagefly app and I also got their support advice for my landing page.

Basically, my previous page is missing:

- Countdown timer: pagefly team told me to add a countdown timer instead of saying in 3 weeks. And it also has a countdown element for this.

- Lack of CTA buttons on the hero banner and on each product of the product list

- Lack of Benefit bar (Shipping, Return, Discount, etc)

- Email sign up form: I use Klaviyo. Pagefly also integrates with Klaviyo. 

- Customer reviews with photos: I use Loox because Pagefly also integrates with Loox.

- Some animation and hover images.

I am building my landing page for this year’s black friday but I really want to know you guys experiences and advice for this year's holiday seasons.

Thanks a lot,


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Hi @Anthonylander1 

Thank you for the great sharing, it means a lot to us! 

Thank you for choosing and using PageFly and we are glad to know that you found PageFly helpful for you. 

What you are mentioning in the post are important factors for a converting landing page, especially for BFCM.

This holiday season 2021, we also updated many BFCM templates, you can check our BFCM templates collection for more details


We also list some BFCM features to spice up your holiday landing page


Let's check them now!

PageFly - Advanced Shopify Page Builder - Empowering 100.000+ active merchants.

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Hi @AudreyZhang 

With the Free plan, you can access all PageFly's templates. And also on the Free plan, you will access all features and elements that help for a high-converting page for BFCM because they are very important. Without them, the landing page will be boring and less converting. 


Let's check them now!



PageFly - Advanced Shopify Page Builder - Empowering 100.000+ active merchants.

Check our Evergreen List of Best Platforms To Sell Online.

New webinar: Unpack #3: Create and Own Customer Relationship.

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Hi Anthony!

We recently put together a list of Shopify apps that come in handy for Black Friday. Among these are:

  • The HelpCenter App combines several tools (FAQ Builder, Helpdesk Ticketing System, Live Chat, Product Description Tags) that can both reduce the number of inquiries and help you cope with those that will reach your inbox.
  • Stock Sync will help you to easily update and add new products to your store (or even multiple stores). Stock Sync automatically updates your inventories between your vendors and suppliers feed, warehouses, and dropshipping inventory, integrating them into one system, thus saving time and making everything easier to follow.  
  • Referral Candy focuses on making referral marketing effortless by automating the entire process. Put simply, it's easy to let your customers enroll, refer your business to their friends, and get a reward afterward.
  • SixAds automates your advertising operations and drive more quality traffic to your store. This means less manual and repetitive work and more time for actual sales.
  • Fast Checkout In One Click will reduce the number of steps a visitor has to take to become a customer, and that’s what will both boost their experience and can help to increase your Black Friday Cyber Monday sales on Shopify.
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thank you for sharing @Anthonylander1 

that's helpful for me. actually I'm building my landing page for halloween and I am also looking an app for color swatches. Can Pagefly do it?

because my products have a lot of variants, if I use dropdown, it will be a long list.

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I think the important thing is have traffic. If you have a lot of traffic, then you can focus on your landing page.

However, actually I don't want to spend my budget for a page builder I used shogun before and it costs me monthly, shogun is nice but for this black friday, I want to spend money on specific apps: reviews or bundles. Pagefly is also good but the price is $99??

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Hi @Anthonylander1 , thank you guys for sharing.

I'm Audrey, and I'm looking for solutions for my BFCM landing page too. Yeah, your tips help me recognize I have many mistakes on our page. I really appreciate that.

I run my business on my own so I don't have much budget for hiring a designer or page builder. Do you know where I can find some page templates or sample pages to build my page? Do pagefly or any themes provide it for free or low price?

I feel really worried because BFCM is near, then Halloween, Christmas, so many holidays. I don't know how to make my page slicker and more efficient than other competitors. I'm really want to get more tips from you.

Thank you so much.

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Hello @Anthonylander1 , hope that you are doing great.

Thank you for your sharing. I am struggling with beautifying my store for Black Friday season. It is a really difficult task for a newbie like me. Does PageFly have free templates which I can use? And I need an expert to guide me at the beginning, perhaps. Do you have any recommendations?


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I think you can add frequently bought together or you may also like products. Customers will have more choices.

But I'm using Limespot personalizer app, will it work with Pagefly?

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agree with @PeterhJKs. it's all about those upsell cross sell app for the sales upcoming bonus all those page builder apps are pricey as heck. I'd rather spend money on Facebook ads. 


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you are right about investing the large amount on ads but as far as i know you still need one place to direct them to, dont you? That's why a sales page is still needed imo. I have this tip i think its good to use: you should create a landing page featured campaign promotion and bunch of upsell deal like family deal, girlfriend boyfriend deal (i used this for my christmast campaign). It worked hella good.

Landing page is easy to build but i do think pagefly is a good app to use, they have cheaper plan that cost only about 20$. Why you need to choose the most expensive though. I even have this tip to cheat the system and pay less, got more.

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Hi @PeterhJKs 

as @VitaF mentioned, I also recommend you can use SixAds.

Actually it's the highest plan of Pagefly, Platinum. Like @elliothansen mentioned above, you can try with Silver plan which costs $19. Or even on the Free plan, you can still create a nice landing page.

However, you will need to be careful that sometimes, the theme you are using can not work with pagefly because sometimes, when adding products, the cart won't update automatically, this can affect sales..