Need help to see if my store is visible beyond the landing page?

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I hope I can get some practical help and advice.

I'm currently suspended from Google merchant center with the following issues

suspended due to policy violation: User cannot purchase

suspended due to policy violation: return and refund policy

I contacted the Google merchant helpdesk and they explained that they couldn't access anything beyond my landing page of the website.

I have since gone in and enabled the domain redirection in the preference page but not sure if this will work?

Really just need someone to check and see if my returns and refund policy page  is visible and whether you can open a product page (outside the uk)

Hopefully someone can help.

Thank you 


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I can't see any issues with purchasing on your website.

With regards to returns and refund page, I recommend you hire a legal expert, or a professional legal document writer, or there are great companies such as

I also recommend you check everything, here is a list:

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Hi, @HVT!

I was also able to access your website ok, including navigating through the different pages on your store.

Where the suspension of your Google Merchant Center Account (GMCA) is concerned, while I can provide you with a guide, Google will ultimately have final say on whether or not they'll be able to lift the suspension of your GMCA.

For the Return and Refund policy suspension, Google requires that a Refund policy and a Terms of Service are visible both on your website and its checkout. As the navigation on a website is not visible in the checkout for Shopify stores, policies must also be added in a place where customers can see on your store's checkout page. You can add your policies on the header or footer navigation of your store, and you can also test your checkout to see if the same policies are visible when you navigate to checkout too.

For the User Cannot Purchase suspension, there are a few things that can cause this, but in most cases this means there's been an issue while Google was testing the checkout process. It could be that shipping rates from your store are missing, or that Google was unable to reach (and test) the checkout without creating an account. You can also double check the list below:

  1. Check the target market in the Google Channel and test the checkout on the website using an address in the target country. Make sure you can see shipping rates available as normal.
  2. Check shipping settings in the Google Channel. If they're set to Automatic, check the shipping rates in the Shopify admin and confirm no custom shipping profiles are being used. This is because the Google channel currently doesn't support custom shipping profiles. Trying to sync custom shipping profiles may result in shipping rates from one profile showing on products from another. It can ultimately cause shipping setting errors within your Google channel.
  3. Check that customer accounts are optional or not required. Google requires that customers can checkout as a guest.

Once you've confirmed that your policies are visible, and that your checkout process is active and working, you'll need to reach out to Google for a manual review to lift the suspension. This can be done through your GMCA under Products > Diagnostics > Account issues, or by filling out this form.

When your GMCA suspension has been lifted, you can also look into listing your products on Google for free, and connect your Google Ads account to create automations in Shopify for Google Smart Shopping Campaigns.

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