Need URGENT Feedback... Hoping to go LIVE 23/04/2021!!

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Hi All,


Need some urgent feedback, no matter how small or big.


password is recycled




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Hi @Aidan_Dodsworth,

First and foremost, I would like to express my deep interest in your products because somehow I met up your website on the Earth Day, so amazing!

I like your store ideas, but I think that if you can improve the UI, the whole store would be of great impression.

There are some points I would like to recommend about your home page:

1. The header should be more legible


  • The search bar should be moved to next to the shopping cart on the right, and the position of the search bar, therefore, should be replaced with the company logo for high branding enhancement.
  • The navigation bar is not that easy to find out on the page because it is put between the company name and its claim “100% Recycled Paper & Card Products”, so I think the navigation bar should be placed above the company name
  • The company name should be bold rather than its claim

2. Add a new featured image

  • Maybe we all know that making a good first impression is paramount. So why not include a high-qualified featured image on the very first part of your store to catch the eyes of the customers? Also, the featured image can somehow show up what your company is selling.
  • According to the 5-second rule, the featured image is crucial to keep the customer stay with your store.

This can be an example of what I have said:


Don’t forget the Call To Action linked to that featured image!


Don’t worry. Those collections can show up after that!

3. The images should be of high quality


  • Maybe you missed this super fact: The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. So please pay more attention to this important factor, the image should be more HD and attractive than now.
  • One more thing, I think that there might be something to differentiate those images of various types of products. Now, they just all look the same. Maybe you can try inserting a symbol of each item right on those images 

4. Some elements need margin

The text and number should be off the margin for at least 3-4 pixels.


5. You may miss the Twitter Icon shown up in the footer (as in the header)


6. You can add some testimonials or reviews to increase your brand trust.

7. Don’t forget that the Call To Action should be repeated one more time in before the end of the page!

Hope you find my answer helpful. If they are, please 'like' to let me know.

Have a wonderful day!

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Hey @Aidan_Dodsworth,

Congratulations in advance for your upcoming launch! I've taken a look through your store and I have some feedback for you.


First, you should have a logo. Having a logo is going to add more professionalism to your store which will add more trust.

Next, the photos behind the title are quite blurry, this happens when you are using an image that is too small for the space. is my favorite place for free stock photos, I'd recommend finding high quality images there.

On your individual product pages you have "The green bit: Made in the UK from 100% post consumer waste". I would state that pretty front and center on the homepage as well. The reason being is, recycled paper is commonly available so you have to give people a reason to purchase from you vs. your competitors. I think the fact that these are made in the UK is a big factor that will set you apart.


At checkout, it's required that a person check off the terms of service before proceeding. There is no link to the terms of service so a person either has to a. blindly agree or b. leave the cart and go find it and read it. If a person was in person at your store and brought their paper to the checkout, you wouldn't say "read over this first and then I'll ring you through". I would highly recommend remove this, it's putting an unnecessary barrier at your checkout that could cost you conversions.


Last thing for now, you can expand your sales channels and promote your products on Google Shopping using the AllFetch Google Shopping Feed app (it's free). It allows you to easily syncing your products from your Shopify store to the Google Merchant Center.

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We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up and/or marking it as a solution!

Best of luck!

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@Aidan_Dodsworth Love your store!


Your About us section goes straight to your FAQs. Perhaps you can put the FAQ in the Main Menu for customers to click on next to it.





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Hi @Aidan_Dodsworth 

Hi I am Vinod digital marketing consultant by profession providing professional website design and development. Google ads Bing ads email marketing and Conversion rate optimization services. 

The Website is not responsive.

Wait go live after you make the website responsive in mobile. 

Let  me know I will be happy to serve you. 




Vinod Sachdev
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Hi @Aidan_Dodsworth


Have seen your store and the store theme is great. 

Here are some of my suggestions for you:

1. Homepage: 

- On your homepage, I think you can add some sections:

+ The banners (sliders): here is where you can show some inspirational messages and have CTA buttons to lead your customers to product pages. 

+ Testimonial/Reviews: This section will increase your social proof. Photo reviews are far better. 

+ New arrivals: This part will tell your customers that your business is up to date with everything. 


2. Product page: your product pages are great. 

Something that you can improve:

- Add more reviews to make your customers trust your brand

- Keep the ATC button always visible by adding Sticky Add to Cart bar. 


3. Other:

- Maybe you can apply some promotion events like register newsletters to get a discount, 10% discount for the first purchase. 

- Add some social accounts to increase your social proof. 


I think you're doing great. Launch your store and see how it works. Remember that you always need to have a tool to track your store performance in detail.

Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 





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Hello @Aidan_Dodsworth, I hope you are doing well! Sachin here, from the AiTrillion-an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. Thanks for posting! I've taken a look at your store and must say you worked hard to make it live. Here are some inputs from my side:

- In the first fold of the homepage, add an attractive banner image with a call to action button on it.

- Add a call to action button on these thumbnail images of the collection that you have displayed on the homepage.


Setup product recommendations on product pages as well as cart pages.

- Add a review carousel on the homepage. It helps in building trust with other visitors.

- Add a clickable rich content message sent to the customer’s device by a website or a web app. It can be delivered to your customer’s device, mobile or desktop, even when he is not on your website. It can be used in retargeting with push notifications including browse abandonment, retargeting users abandoning the shopping cart, activating dormant users with offers, retaining users with personalized content, and more.

Add customer engagement tools in your store. It will make your store engaging and interactive. 

What helps you more is to use marketing automation tools that will help in better customer engagement automation. You must set up proper email marketing campaigns, loyalty reward programs, web push notifications, or affiliate programs to increase engagement, to implement this you can install AiTrillion, a full-fledged marketing solution. It will help you to capture visitors coming to your store and will help in getting more conversions.

Hope this helps!

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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