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Changed niches from health & beauty to home decor.

Would like a store review, its not finished and has some issues e.g. images, text etc.. / incomplete areas.

New store: (password: aiprem7)

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Hi @LDN_Dropshipper,

I must say that your store looks really professional and amazing. I love the alluring vibe from each page, and the way you use black and yellow color tone for home decor products. Your store is sure just alluring, have to say you have done a pretty good job there! 

As there is always room for improvement, here are some recommendations that I have for your store:


1, You might want to re-check the logo image. It’s better to have a clear logo so customers can recognize your brand better. If you want to logo not to stand out too much, you can lower the opacity of the image.




2, Try reducing the height of the menu bar, as currently it has taken up one third of the page already. Reducing its height will give more space to the page body, making the page look clear and eligible.




3, Allow customers to access your collections quickly. You can add a Call-to-action button to each collection, or simply make the collections clickable. 

At this point customers are pretty curious about your store, so it’s better to let them explore the store easily.




4, Shop Now button should lead customers to the collection/ product page. Let them start their purchase once they are interested in your product price and discount.




5, You might want to re-check the size of hover image.




6, One of your menu tabs is missing the redirect link. You can re-check and add link for this tab.




7, Product description shows up as paragraph, while the content is in bullet point. You may want to re-check on this.




In general, I must say your store looks awesome already! I hope these suggestions can make your store one step closer to perfection! You can give it a like if you find it useful or mark as the solution if it answers your question.

Hope your business is successful and gain more sales everyday!


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I love your niche products and your message. However, I have some recommendations to make your website become user-friendly as follows: 

- Your logo: You should consider making it clearer. I can see it at the first time visit your store. 

- Add CTA which links to your best selling products to boost your sales easily 

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- Link your testimonials to your customers' reviews to make it more reliable 

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Please hit like or mark as a solution if you find my comments helpful. Thanks and Good luck.

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Finished most of my store... Still need to do product page & add them to collections. I also need to fix my logo, can anyone help?

Also, can I get a final store review?