New website, what do you think

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 new website. What do you think? Go to to see it . 10% off for new customers !!

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interesting insight !

"Emi-Active is a brand for figure skaters that is created by figure skaters understanding the climate and environment to create stylish and functional skating wear for everyone. Our fabrics are moisture wicking and anti- odor."

I think the sentence should be in top page.

This is an accepted solution.

Hi @Emiactive,

Congrats on your beautiful website. Your store impressed me with its elegant and modern style. I hope you will soon launch it and start getting more sales. Personally, I have suggestions for you: 

1. Make a sticky menu bar

Firstly, you should make the menu section sticky to create a more convenient navigation experience for the site visitor. They don't have to scroll up to access other pages displayed on the menu bar, after scrolling down.

2. Use the quick view feature

Quick view is a great feature that helps the site visitors to hover over your products and add them to their carts immediately on the homepage and the collection page. Using this functionality will help you shorten the purchasing process of your potential customers => convert leads into your customers more quickly. Smartviewer could be a great quick view app for your selection.

3. Add more content to the header image

You only show your brand name and the CTA button on the header image of your homepage. I think it might not include sufficient content to encourage the site visitors to click on it. Therefore, I suggest that you should add a catchy sentence to it, which briefly emphasizes the unique points of your products/brand.

4. FAQ page

FAQ is where you will answer questions from the site visitors dedicatedly. You should use this page on your website to enhance the brand credibility. Potential customers will put more trust in your business. Check out this article for how to create a professional FAQ page. If you are looking for an FAQ app, take a look at this.

5. Use the sales pop app

Sales pop can help you catch the attention of the site visitors quickly when they are on your website. It will appear in the bottom corner of their screen and let them know that other people have purchased your products. As a consequence, they will put more trust in your business and make their purchases faster. You can take a look at this sales pop app.

6. Integrate social media channels with your website

I saw no social media icons displayed on your website. Promote your business on social media channels will bring golden chances for you to got more new leads and customers.

Lastly, if suggest you want to optimize your store more effectively, then you can view PageFly. They can help you with this.

Hope these help.

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Thank you