Newbie here, would appreciate your input on how my website looks

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Hello everyone! 
I’m new and was wondering if I could ask you guys for your input on how my store looks and any advice you might have on improving my store’s appeal. Thank you! 

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Hey @KIDSKATYAstore 
Kindly share your website URL and password if enabled so that I can give you suggestions for your store.

Best Regards,

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I’m Theodore White from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. From my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions as hereby:


1. Have a favicon

Having a favicon would make your store much more professional and help strengthen your brand.

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 14.57.42.png


2. Shorten the sticky header

It's awesome when you have a sticky header that allows your visitors to navigate effortlessly on the site. However, you should reduce the navigation buttons to shorten the spacing taken by the sticky header when scrolling up and down. It will save some space for the content displayed below, especially on mobile.



3. Move the form down below the page 

Having a newsletter on the homepage is great for email marketing afterward. But this is an "Above the fold" area, so you should have a hero banner showing your product instead. The banner is very significant in hero material, therefore, you should:

- Add a hero banner on top of the homepage.

- Move the newsletter to the part near the footer.



4. Keep the styling consistent

As you can see in my screenshots below, 2 headings of 2 different sections have 2 different styling. As long as the styling is consistent, your store outlook would be more trustworthy and beautifully designed. 



5. Add testimonials - customer reviews

Customer reviews are proof of your product quality. This section will help you build customers' trust. You can show rating stars for each product or you can add customer reviews as text and photos


As Father's Day approaches, it's now the perfect moment to improve your store CRO. I have some valuable suggestions that could enhance your store's performance as hereby:


1. Offer special discounts

You can consider creating Limited-Time Promotions using a countdown timer. Don't forget to create a sense of urgency by highlighting the limited-time nature of these offers, encouraging customers to make a purchase for their dads.



2. Run Social Media Campaigns

Utilize your various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube) to create engaging content, run targeted ads, and share compelling visuals and stories related to Father's Day. 



And that's my feedback! Hope it helps you boost the conversion rate.



Theodore | PageFly Team

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Thank you so much! How does it look now? Really appreciate your input!

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You're welcome @KIDSKATYAstore, the store is so much better now, so I just have some suggestions as hereby:

1. Avoid the side menu on mobile

As the side menu takes time to load & use, it's not convenient for users to easily navigate from every part of the homepage to any page of your store. Instead, all the information should be placed in the header.


2. Add a section about your brand story

A unique brand story can set a business apart. By sharing your brand story, you provide customers with a deeper understanding of your business and enhance the appeal of your store.


3. Have at least 1 product detail on your homepage

This is to showcase what you are selling and it's like a sale funnel to lead the customers from the homepage to the product page used to generate sales.

That's it. Hope it helps 💖
- Theodore - 


Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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