No ads, sell ok, ready for next step!

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Hello, I’ve been selling prints of a project of mine for years now, it’s a mashup project called Buffalo Bill Gates which wen’t viral a few years back. It’s purely a side thing to my main practice as a graphic designer, and I’ve been careful not to go to commercial with it, mostly making books and having exhibitions with it.


Recently I’ve stopped printing and sending myself and started using print on demand, which made the whole selling thing muuuuuch more pleasant and fun.


So! My question is: looking at my shop, what would you immediately do? I’ve never run ads, only posting new mashups on social media, but sell for €5-7000k per year, so I guess ads would be a first step.


Check it out, it’s quite fun:

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Hello! I'm reading your reply too, SA2, and I was wondering if you still think FB ads is the way to go considering the decline of the social platform as a hole. Do you think it's still worth it regardless? I always felt FB ads were so...lame. Thoughts?

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Thanks! Great input!

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Hi, @KalleMattsson  there!
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Congratulations! Your website has done a great job so far, and I think your next step may be considered from 3 aspects.
Your website has achieved the desired monetization. You know that the materials are liked by users, and can form conversions, and then you can place video materials that users follow in your ads to achieve more traffic to the site.
Advertising can effectively increase the traffic of the store, but you need to pay attention to the conversion rate of this part of the traffic to avoid increasing traffic, but there is no conversion.
I fully recommend you to try a small range first, such as investing 10,000 euros to test the result. If the sales look good, continue to deliver. If the sales look not good, then pause the delivery.
More Accounts
Based on the successful experience of your current account, you can continue to cultivate more social media accounts, import account traffic from different social media into your website, and increase the conversion rate of your website.
When you cultivate new social media accounts, you can focus on different styles of video, so as to improve the differentiated competition of new accounts and increase the traffic of your store
Marketing Automation
I visited your website and I didn't find any marketing automation on your website. You should collect users' mailboxes and use marketing campaigns to reach them in the later stages to increase the conversion rate of potential users.
You can also refer to the more successful websites in the same industry, if you find relevant marketing methods, then you can learn from your website to increase the conversion rate of the entire website.
For examples:
Add coupons in pop-up windows to guide users to leave their own contact information, thereby promoting user retention.
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