No sale in 8 months (its insane)

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Hi! I have a serious problem. I've been in business for almost 8 months now and I've only had 1 sale that resulted in a return. I can't believe that after spending almost $900 to leave my store active and almost $600 in announcements and advertisements, not to mention my TikTok account where I posted nearly 130 videos of my products, NOTHING. What on earth am I missing because it is getting out of hands. Like seriously do I need to spend 1000$ just to get 1 sale. Its completely insane !



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Could you share your store URL?

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Hi @0saleItsInsane ,


I'm very sorry to see such information, from your description, I noticed that your ROI is very low, do you mind if ask you a question first, how much traffic you bought with $1,000. The product has not been sold in 8 months. You can analyse the customer behaviour from the data in the entire path of your store, find it and solve it.


 I hope you can send the link of your website, so that I can continue to analyse the problem more specifically. Now, the traffic and conversion seem to be something urgent.


Firstly, answer these questions. How much traffic did you buy with $1,000, how much traffic reached your website, how about the data viewed on Tik Tok, and how much data is on your website, so you must pay attention to this traffic problem.


Secondly, how many customers have browsed the products on the website, which product has the largest number of views, how many have been added to the shopping cart, and how many have reached the payment link. These data also need to be counted and analysed.


Only after data analysis can we find the most fundamental problems and have solutions. I hope my answer can inspire you and solve your business problems. Hope your website can get traffic and conversion quickly.


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