No sales for my Shopify store

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I already created everything for my Shopify store even I did some ads on tiktok but for right now I have visitors but nobody buying I don't know why ??

This is my store


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Hello souber_10,

Not good to see no result coming from the ads campaign. few things i can see as the scope of improvements.

1. Run a campaign with discount offer

2. Do some influencer marketing and make some brand awareness

3. Make your website more professional

4. Track the Users that comes to your website and retarget them.

5. offer combo pack with free shipping

these few steps could lead to you the goals.All the best.

Thanks and regards


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Here are the things that jumped out immediately to me:


1) Sounds like you did the ads yourself, that's going to take some time to experiment and figure out how to create successful ads. Consider finding a TikTok marketing specialist and hire them for a consultation, or for 1 month to create ads / experiment to see what works.


2) .info is an uncommon domain ending for ecommerce stores. Most people expect a .com for this type of business


3) Your site looks untrustworthy: No logo, no about page, no perception of being a "real brand", no social media presence, typos on the home page


4) Random product offering, doesn't make sense what your brand is about


5) Buggy home page - blank image in the banner (the products section is just black)


It looks like very little effort was put into building this website and this brand. Your effort and the quality of people you hire will directly reflect the response you get from people visiting your site.


Tips (to give reference from my point of view, I created a successful brand / Shopify store and ran it for 7 years before exiting, also consulted on hundreds of Shopify stores):

1) Hire a professional to finish your website, or if you prefer to invest time instead of money, do some research and watch some youtube courses on how to build a successful ecommerce website and brand.


2) Build a brand: logo, about page, reason for existing, etc


3) Figure out a niche, identify the audience you want to serve, and build your product offering around that.


4) More tips here: How to Figure Out Why You're Not Getting Sales on Shopify 


Good luck. It's not easy but with hard work and the willingness to experiment and invest time creating a strategy, you can be successful.

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Hi @Souber_10!

Kate here from the PageFly Shopify Landing Page Builder App. 

There are a number of reasons why visitors might not be converting to sales on your Shopify store despite having traffic from TikTok ads. Here are some areas to investigate:


Ad targeting and messaging:


  • Target audience: Are your TikTok ads reaching the right people? Re-evaluate who your ideal customer is and ensure your ads are targeted accordingly.
  • Messaging: Does your ad accurately represent your product and clearly communicate its value proposition? Make sure the ad hooks viewers and compels them to visit your store.

Store user experience:

Based on my expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), I'd like to propose several strategies to boost your conversion rates and increase customer traffic. Important areas to focus on are:

1. Adjust the overall design

Create a professional and inviting atmosphere through store design and layout. Let's explore some impactful sections you could add to your homepage to strengthen your brand message and engage visitors: 


1.1 Hero Banner Section:

This is prime real estate at the top of your homepage. It should be visually captivating and immediately grab your visitor's attention. Here's what to consider:

  • A high-quality image or video showcasing your best-selling product, a new collection, or a compelling brand message.
  • A clear and concise headline that communicates your value proposition.
  • A strong call to action (CTA) button, like "Learn More," or "Subscribe for Offers."
  • You can check this sample design for reference:


1.2. Benefit Section:

This section expands on the initial hook from your hero banner. Clearly articulate the benefits and value your products offer. Here are some ideas:

  • Use bullet points or icons to highlight key features and advantages.
  • Incorporate customer testimonials or influencer quotes to build trust.
  • Showcase success stories or statistics to demonstrate the impact of your products.



1.3 Social Media Section:

Integrate your social media presence into your homepage to foster a sense of community and encourage engagement. Here's how:

  • Display your social media handles with clear icons.
  • Feature curated customer photos or reviews from social media.
  • Integrate a live feed showcasing your latest social media posts.
  • You can check this sample design for reference:


2. Header information

The duplication of both the currency selector and language selector on this page detracts from its professionalism. Kindly review and remove one instance.


3. Description section

The content in this section is excessively long, making it difficult for customers to focus. Please revise the content to be more concise and incorporate an attractive image. Images tend to capture attention more effectively than text alone.


You can check this sample design for reference:


Product page

Consider using color swatches instead of a list of color names for product variants. This makes it easier for customers to see all available colors quickly, simplifying their choice without needing to read through options. Color swatches also make comparing colors straightforward and help prevent customer confusion.



These suggestions are somewhat lengthy, but I hope that you have read them all. Best of luck with your business. Keep up the great work!


Kate - PageFly Team

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I made some changes of my theme and contains but I still doesn't have any sales that's my store