No theme.css.liquid in my theme (Hover images for products)

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I'm trying to create hover image changes, so that when the mouse hovers over my products a secondary image will pop up instead. Shopify chat support says this is possible with my theme, but I have to do it myself following these steps in this link:

The first thing it tells me to do is find this under my store theme's assets: theme.css.liquid. Which I do not have. If I control+F for "css" I get 0 results. I do however have "theme.liquid" with of course no "css" in it. When I pasted the appropriate code into there, all I got was that text showing up at the bottom of my product pages.

I know every theme is different out there, but mine does not have "css" anywhere. 

How do I fix this so I can create hover images?





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Dear @aucanadaapparel 

We will be happy to help you. Please share your store url and theme. 

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