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Not getting ANY sales. Please help…

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Super keen on any feedback I can get! 

I made my store ( a bit over a week ago and I’m running Facebook ads and google ads and rear hint a few thousand people and I’ve had almost a thousand clicks to my website but no one is purchasing anything. I thought my website looked pretty good but there’s clearly a major issue that I’m not aware about. 

I have bought two of my products to take my own photos and videos for ads and hoping that might help but in the meantime, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m brand new to drop shipping so don’t really have a clue!

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Dear @thepetspick 

Hope the following suggestions will help you

  • Change ads targeted audiance to custom audiance (go for potential customer)
  • Do remarketing ads for website traffic
  • Improve social proofs
  • Use non text logo
  • Use Voila Shopify app  adds a highly efficient cart feature proven to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales. (Show multiple Discount coupon code on cart page )
  • Improve ON PAGE SEO
  • Add trust badge, Add slider banners with CTA,Add testimonials, add feature products and collection home page. Example of nice home page
  • At footer:


  • Collection page layout needs to improve

  • Product page layout needs to improve

  • Cart page layout needs to improve


  • There is no terms and conditions checkbox at checkout. We suggest you install a Free app from shopify app store which provides 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' before checkout .As it makes it easy for the customer to read your terms and policies.
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Hello @thepetspick ,

I had viewed your website shortly and here are some of my points that I hope useful and you can implement on it easily.

Create CTA, It helps your visitors easily choose category collections. And It directly impact your conversion rates. 

Increase your product list.

Rating and Reviews:  Customer reviews are fixes the value of of product, And these will decides the your business growth. These will helps to increasing of your customers.

Add Testimonials: Creating a genuine testimonials are trust worthy. This is the one kind of marketing communication b/w customer and business person. So you can add efficiently.
You can increase your niche then visitors are spare more time.

Add Blog: You know creating/adding of blogs gives you a great way to generate fresh content on a website and provide a catalyst for email marketing, social media promotion to drive search traffic to your website.

Trust Badges: Trust badges your visitors know that your page is legitimate and that any data they share will be collected through secure third-party service providers. Your customers feel they can trust your website, And they are more likely to make a purchase.

I hope you will catch my point!


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 I too own a Shopify store and have gotten 7 sales none since then

 I received most of my sales from Instagram and google.Don’t spend anymore money because you are not making that money back if you are than keep going.If an ad isn’t working in 2-3 days stop ad and make a new one for every 1000 views there should be 2 sales.Build up your social media and work on your SEO (this is the key to organic sales it can take up to 60 days to show results this is why people pay to get there product out there immediately and sales)and then take those same keywords and add it to your store product description.It is a lot of work but keep going.It takes time about 90 days to a year to build up your brand.You’ve got this!

I am in a different niche as you so I don’t know a lot about dog supplies try these links.

I have not had time to use all the resources and feedback that I received on my store yet.I build my store out myself and just burnt out.

Your store from my point of view:

Your about us should be about what you can do for the customer.Change the “We”to “You” 

Even though an About Us page is one of the most important elements of a website, it is often one of the most overlooked elements. Compared to a landing page, an About Us page help you communicate a range of things:

  • The story of your brand and why you started it. 
  • The cause or customers that your business serves.
  • Your business model or how your products are sourced/manufactured.
  • Set the stage: Describe the industry problem that caused you to act.
  • Tackle the obstacle: Convey how you set out to address the issue and the challenges you faced along the way.
  • Introduce the solution: Mention how your company is pursuing its objectives and the pain points you intend to address.
  • Share the bigger picture: Share details of your future objectives or state your aims and mission.

Change the Shopify at the bottom of footer:© 2021, thepetspick Powered by Shopify

You want to look established like your store has been here awhile.

Change your colors of store so it can grab attention.Your store caught my eye at first until I scrolled down and saw it was very plain.Read this link it seems helpful.

Keep same color throughout store.

Recommendation Change the color of the Free shipping in header to a more vibrant color like a red or blue.Look at other dog website for inspiration.

I hope this is helpful and do plenty of research.




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Hi @thepetspick!

Welcome to the Shopify world~ and congratulations on getting your site up!

My honest feedback would be that your site doesn't look very credible or trustworthy. There are several things that make me feel that way as a shopper:

  1. Your site looks very bare—it doesn't feel minimalistic, just a little empty. I'd suggest adding more life to it and a better story/journey.
    1. First suggestion here is to add a call to action and 1-line hook to the image in your first fold.
    2. Second, to echo someone above, try using a non-text logo—perhaps the image in your second fold as your logo image.
    3. Small changes that feel more professional: remove the Home option from your nav bar (clicking on the logo already takes me home), remove the Quick Links title from your footer (that's what the footer is there for), highlight your email list so it doesn't blend in to the footer, remove the "Powered by Shopify" from your footer.
    4. The second fold takes up too much space—this means I have to scroll further to find your products. I'd suggest moving that text + CTA to your first fold (suggestion #1.1), or removing the image from there and centering the text + CTA
    5. Don't list all your products on the home page. Our Pet Picks should feel like a few select picks—maybe try listing 3-5 items there?
  2. Your first product images aren't consistent—they look like they were taken from various Amazon listings or something. I'd suggest making your primary image something that shows the product in use (like the dog on the bed, cat on the tree, etc) and doesn't feel too photoshopped.
    1. Also, consistency in how color and sizes are described (the cat tree actually has an alpha-numeric code instead of color/style names!)
    2. I see that some products have different features that you are highlighting through the images (ex: 21 pcs, easy to use, body heat reflection). Doing this with badges (try ModeMagic) would feel more consistent visually and aesthetically. Plus that's a great place to highlight that products have color & size options.
  3. Policies:
    1. Your shipping policy does not feel trustworthy. Saying "Our suppliers typically ship items within one to five days of receiving the order." makes me worry that this is not something you'll be responsible for. And the 1-5 days + 10-20 days is very vague and also feels less trustworthy. I wonder if there's a way you can word this to make it sound simpler, like "We'll ship your order within 5 days, and depending on your location, you should have it in about 15 days." Another issue here might be that if I'm ordering something impulsively, i will not want to wait 20 days for it.
    2. A full refund is great, and not always an option when shopping online—highlight this better! Also, in the section directly below it, you mention "inspected your return". That directly contradicts the first section and again leaves me confused + with less trust.
  4. Here's also an important thing to consider—what sort of analytics tools are you using? Do you have heat maps and session recordings? Are you tracking what your visitors are doing, and where they are dropping off? Honestly, advertising without analytics might be a massive waste of your $$$. I'd suggest investing time and effort into analyzing customer behavior and using it to hypothesize where your issues might be!



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Thanks so much for your feedback. I have lots to work on now.

As I said, I'm completely new to this so still have A LOT to learn even just with navigating facebook ads manager ect. 

Are you able to recommend a good analytics tool that I can use? 

Thank you once again. 

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@thepetspick of course! Glad it helped.

HotJar and Lucky Orange both have free plans afaik. And they both show you heat maps and session recordings.

Do you also have google analytics set up for your website? I can send you a couple resources for this!

PS: I run a weekly event that's a discussion space for founders, marketers and store owners to discuss their issues and learn together!

Building communities @ ModeMagic and Mason!

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Hey @thepetspick 

Awesome niche products and congrats on your store! 

  • I would focus on ensuring your product photography is on more of your product pages - that would show your customers using the product and their pets
  • Regularly test your site speed and ensure everything is loading correctly.
  • Optimize your product pages by adding banners that highlight promo codes or any special discounts, customer reviews or information about the product, directly on the product pages. This will help guide your customers through education on your products. There are some great examples here: 
  • add a blog that would be a cool way to add some organic traffic and feature some collabs
  • I would also add some customer reviews, of course as you get them 
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