Notice any currency conversion discrepancies in your Shopify orders?

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We have a Canadian based store and just today, it seems our US Shopify marketplace became active and geolocation was switched on allowing US customers to purchase in USD instead of CAD as usual. 


When this happens, Shopify converts the total USD amount to CAD and pays us in CAD. However, this number is different than the amount seen on Shopify > Orders page and is different than the number displayed in the "Total" column when these orders are exported. This is due to rounding from USD to CAD for each product and then summing to get the total. See example in images attached.


1. Has anyone else noticed their geolocation turned on automatically, allowing people in different marketplaces to use their native currency today?

2. Does Shopify plan on fixing the bug showing different totals in different areas due to currency rounding errors? (Important for our automated accounting software)


Shopify USD 2.pngShopify USD 3.pngShopify USD.png

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