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I've recently launched my new web store providing 3D printed objects. Some practical, and others for fun. Before I get into advertising my store, i'd like some honest feedback so I can make it the best it can be before getting it out there properly.



Many thanks

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Hi there!

Congrats on the new store - you appear to have found a fascinating niche market to serve. I love some of the quirky products you've featured, especially the plant holder.

You have the beginnings of a really solid site, but I do see some opportunities to better connect with your audience. As a copywriter, I use the power of words to help convert "Just Passing By" visitors into "Ready To Buy" customers. I'd love to connect and discuss some ideas I have for making this happen. Do you have some time for a quick Zoom call over the next few days?

You can get in touch with me via email at: lambcopywriting@gmail.com or through my website: https://www.lambcopy.com/

Enjoy the weekend!

Mike Lamb

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Brilliant thank you for the feedback.

What would you say is the best form of advertising to jump into?

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you can run your marketing on fb and insta its an easy platform to learn in case you need my help let me know thank you. please like and mark as accepted solution if my feedback valuable for you.