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#I am just wondering what people think of my new site and if there any added uptrend backend tweaks, you think will improve this new site's SEO and the site's sales, etc.

#Add video content, using a video on Instagram to advertise a product, which takes the person to the site, 

#Before they checkout, add a bump product to their initial purchase.

#On the home page where the white box is located, I want people to click on that box, they will be able to send me an image of themselves, I would send back with a face chart of a makeup look that I have designed for them. ( I am a makeup artist can help people achieve a beautiful new look, they need to pay for it before I do it.

#They pay for the service and I send it back with an (instructional face chart image and PDF text), How can I add this to my site? at the moment it does not have this option.


I really appreciate your help and if there is maybe we could work together to get this going.

So I need a video content page, NO blog.


Be able to upload a PDF to them and them able to send me a pic of themselves via the site, I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you



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