Page search not working in parts

Page search not working in parts

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I have a problem, the page search does not open when you are browsing the page, that is, when you open the page and click search everything works correctly, but for example when you go down to the footer of the page and try to search for something it does not open


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Hi @jaime16 
Can you kindly share your store link (with the password, if any) with us? We will check it and suggest you a solution if possible.

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How do I contact them?

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Hi @jaime16 

This issue often occurs due to JavaScript or CSS conflicts on the Shopify store. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:


1. Check for JavaScript Errors:
Open your Shopify store in a web browser>>Press F12 to open the Developer Tools>>Go to the Console tab and check for any JavaScript errors that might be causing the search functionality to fail.


2. Review the Theme Code:
Go to your Shopify admin panel>>Navigate to Online Store > Themes>>Click Actions > Edit code>>Check the files for any custom JavaScript or CSS that might be interfering- theme.js, theme.liquid, footer.liquid 


3. Test with a Default Theme:
Switch to a default Shopify theme to see if the problem persists. If the search works correctly on the default theme, the issue is likely with your current theme's custom code.


4. Check for App Conflicts:
Disable any recently installed apps to see if they are causing the conflict>>If the search starts working after disabling an app, contact the app developer for support.


5. Contact Theme Developer:
If you are using a third-party theme, reach out to the theme developer for support. They might have encountered this issue before and can provide a solution.


6. Custom JavaScript Debugging:
Add the following script to your theme’s JavaScript file to debug the issue. This script will log when the search input is focused and can help identify if the focus event is being blocked.


7. CSS Issues:
Sometimes, the search input might be hidden due to CSS styles. Check if there are any styles that might be affecting the visibility or positioning of the search input when you scroll.


8. Mobile vs Desktop:
Ensure the issue occurs on both desktop and mobile devices. Sometimes, CSS media queries can affect the functionality differently on different devices.


9. Update Theme:

Ensure your theme is up-to-date. Sometimes, updates include bug fixes for issues like this.


If you provide me with access to your theme's code or more specific details about the theme and customizations, I can give you more precise instructions.



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