Payment Confirmed but Order not received on Shopify. URGENT!!!!

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A client tried to place an order on our website and the payment went through, the money was debited from the client's account but we did not receive a notification for the order on the Shopify dashboard and neither did the client receive any order confirmation for the same. I have spoken to the merchant partner and according to them the payment has been successful but the order is not reflecting on the Shopify dashboard. 

Can someone help in rectifying this issue and why is it happening.


Awaiting a response on the same.

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Thanks & Regards


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Hello Sahil,

We had this kind of issue for one of our clients some time back and it was a shopify bug which was then resolved. More details are available here :

Hope this helps.

Shan |

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We have had this issue occurring on 29th April, exactly the same as back last October

I am trying to raise with shopify but it looks as if this bug is continuing to affect people though probably not on the same scale as back in October.  Is there any update from shopify on this?  It is quite damaging for online retailers even if it doesn't happen very often because customers think they have paid but we can't see the orders.