Payment Getaway isues

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Hi guys,

I'm kind a stucked in the deadend with my payment getaways. I have only two payment options available in my Shopify store(country limitation), Paypal and 2checkout. I have aplied for 2checkout once I set up my store and meanwile, I started running my store only with Paypal. I got my first sale in 2 days after I run fb ads for 3 days. On the next day after I recieved payment I was denied to access to my Paypal account, saying due to suspicious activity we need to verify your account. I replied to the all options, except sms verifying, since I'v never recieved security code after numerous tries. Its been 3 weeks I don't have acces to my account and  I can not reach PP customer service, they simply don't pick up the phone! Now,  2checkout representative replied to me by email asking me to verify my PP account by sending screenshot which I dont have access to! Lol. Iam so frustrated!!! I just don't know what to do next! All my 3 month of work, finding products, learning and building the store are become a monkey business because of irresponsable PAYPAL with zero customer service! I have joined the group on FB "Paypal Problem Solution". 99.9% of posts are complains on PP customer service, holding money for 180 days, never answering phones and e.t.c.  Shopify should reconsider doing business with them and add more options for payment getaways.