Pinterest activity. Has anyone solved the problem that we can't seem to solve! :( Pinterest

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We are having trouble matching your events with Pinterest activity. Please include a user email with each event, including your base code. The email should be stripped of whitespace, lower-cased, then hashed with MD5, SHA1, or SHA-256. Learn more

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 7.37.41 AM.png


Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 7.39.45 AM.png


Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 7.40.26 AM.png

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I'm having the same issue, but with more events.

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Same issues here also, and perhaps a bit worse.  I don't understand, if "we" all have the Pinterest plugin installed and configured, why should this be occurring? 

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Same issue for me. 

For the checkout event, i just have value as ok, currency and product id are not ok. Very weird!