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Please provide feedback on my Shopify Store

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Hi, Our store has been set up for several months, we have gotten a few sales, but conversion is low. We changed the theme, product category, layout, etc, but still not much traffic, nor converted sales. The engagement rate of FB ads is ok. Could you please help to go through the website and give us some suggestions and comments?

Thank you so much and looking forward to every reply.

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Hello @Strebors 

Regarding your request your store is looking amazing but you should work on your favicon
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Thank you for your feedback, can you explain what is Favicon?
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Ok, great Thank you.   I just added it.

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Thank you!! Just added it looks great!!


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​​You need to seriously rethink your Instagram feed.

Adding unnecessary feeds to your site isn't a good idea.

And Instagram is owned by Facebook.

And neither Facebook or Instagram want to give anyone any reason to leave their site.

The reason they let you do it is because there is no way to get people from Instagram to your website with that feed.

But lots of times feeds are slow so if people see something they are interested in on Instagram you give them a reason to leave your site and go there.

Instagram is doing their best to keep a closed system with all traffic coming in and none going out.

What should be happening is people on Instagram should be seeing your content there and when they get to your website they should see only your content.

And not from an embedded Instagram feed that you have no control over but from your own business-generated content.

All your social media content should be easily found on your website but without feeds from social sites.

Social proof happens on the social site when you convince someone to come to your site, it doesn’t happen with feeds.

The reason you want people on your website is NOT to show them you have a social media presence.

You want website visitors so you sell products and generate leads.

Your social media presence is what you do for your website and not to your website.

You need to be creating conversations and a feed isn’t going to do that.

Find the trends and tell a story on the social sites that will get people back to your site for unique content they can’t find on the social sites.

If you like the way it looks, create your own with your own products that you control and don’t have to worry about delays and feeds going down.

If someone lands on your website they are wanting to learn about you and your brand, so exactly how does a feed help do that?

Do you want a website that creates leads and makes money or Instagram followers?

Or do you want a website where people come to visit you because of the pretty pictures?

If it's for pretty pictures maybe you should start a photo website.

And how does an Instagram feed help convert visitors into customers?

I’ve seen zero evidence for an Instagram feed helping to increase traffic, create leads, or sell​​ products.

Your website should be designed to engage and convert visitors!

People don’t visit business for fun. They have a purpose. And adding feeds to your site will not help them with their goals.

If your goal is to keep people on your site longer than add a short video, write articles, but don’t add an Instagram feed.

Shopify Partner
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Hi @Strebors 

You sell some interesting skincare products. I just spent some time on your store and here is a bit of feedback I have for you to improve sales:

1. Add some product recommendations throughout your store, especially home, product, cart and blog pages. Please see LimeSpot Personalizer and let me know if I can help you more.

2. Consider adding a contact us page in your footer so customers know how to reach you.

3. Higher quality images overall.



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Hello @Strebors 

Regarding your request i will say that your store is looking amazing
Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @Strebors,

Hyde here from Shopify.

It's great that you've got a pretty sharp-looking website up and running - congratulations on that! You've provided me with some useful information there that I'd like us both to think about.

First of all, you mentioned that you've done a lot of work on the theme, product category, and layout - which means the bulk of your effort has been focused on the website itself. This is a natural starting point and is often the area that most store owners focus on. That's why we've got a fantastic post about establishing buyer trust.

However, you also mention that "The engagement rate of FB ads is ok", which suggests to me that you could be leveraging your content and social media presence more to establish more of a reputation and to draw more people to your site. We do have a fantastic guide for considering your smart content funnel right here.


In essence, your customer is on a journey from the moment they first engage with your brand to the point they're excitedly telling your friends about it. So you need to have that adventure mapped out for them.

I see that you have a blog but have only one post to date on that - don't be afraid to really explore that! If you're looking for more inspiration you could take some from these 8 brilliant stores. Alternatively, you could always pursue the vlog using Youtube.

Also, have you considered influencer marketing? To establish yourself as an authority in the field you might want to help spread your knowledge and expertise through someone who already has an established following.

I hope these ideas help! Let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best, Hyde.

Andrew | Social Care @ Shopify 
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