Please tell me a few words about my store

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I would like to receive feedback about my store.I sell various interior accessories in my country.

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Hello @Aperinterior 


I've gone deeply through your store and it looks so impressive i must say but while going through it, i discovered some things which i guess you don't notice:
1- No Products Review; You can import products review to gain customers trust

2- FAQ page : They are a great way for customers to get quick answers to their questions, and may help to encourage them to purchase your products as they will have more confidence in your store after having their concerns addressed.
3- Chatbot and review: this aid traffic and helps with retaining.

4- I think it's a great idea to add a few sections like testimonials, featured products, and a newsletter to your homepage. This will make the site more engaging and inviting for your visitors. 


I hope the above is useful to you.
Best regards,
GemPages Support Team

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 Hello @Aperinterior ,


We had a look at your site and saw how you put effort in your store site. Just a few things we notice you can make a change to create a better customers experience and boost your sales.


1. Header:

- Your header contains too many categories and too much texts, which may annoy your customers and people tend to quit scrolling, this section should be contains 4 categories max.

- Make your header sticky to allow customers access to any information that they want while scrolling through your store site.

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 14.29.08.png


2. Banner:

- You can use a hero image and create a banner to make your site more interesting and inspire people to scroll more like this screenshot below.

- Use CTA button to attract your customers

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 14.45.18.png


3. Product feature:

- Add some of your highlight products like this screenshot to increase your conversion rate and attract your customers.

- Remember to add your CTA buttons to each products, this will attract customers and increase the chance of likelihood to purchase

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 15.00.51.png


4. Testimonials:

- Reviews are crucial when it comes to shopping online. Adding reviews to your store to increase your brand trust and boost your sales. You can see the screenshot below. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 15.06.25.png


- Adding star rate for each products also a good way to make your customers curious and increase the chance of likelihood to purchase.

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 15.08.03.png


 Hope these can help. Let us know if you have any further questions.



Ali Reviews team. 




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Hello @Aperinterior


Thank you for allowing us to review your online store. We have carefully analyzed your Shopify store and found some significant issues that must be addressed as soon as possible to improve your online store's user experience and credibility.


  1. Cluttered menu : Menu items must be properly organized, making it difficult for users to navigate your website. Lack of a proper mega menu to display subcategories, leading to a crowded menu bar.
  2. Generic Content: Product descriptions are generic and lack unique selling points. Product images do not showcase the product's features or benefits.
  3. Improperly sized images: Images on your website need to be correctly sized, leading to distorted and unattractive product visuals. Different images of the same product have inconsistent sizes, leading to a cluttered and unprofessional look.
  4. Unappealing website design: The overall design of your website is unattractive and outdated. The theme and font choices do not match your brand or product offerings.
  5. No featured collections: The lack of featured collections and best-selling products makes it difficult for users to find popular items quickly. This can lead to a poor user experience and discourage potential buyers from making purchases.
  6. Lacks Reviews and Ratings: The product page design is unappealing and does not showcase the product well. The lack of reviews and ratings can deter potential buyers from making purchases.
  7. Sections are unorganized: The sections on your website lack proper organization, making it difficult for users to find what they are looking for. Improperly sized images and inconsistent image sizes within a section can make the website appear unprofessional and cluttered.
  8. Popup windows: The lack of popup windows, featured collections, and best-selling products can affect the user experience and hinder conversions. Implementing these design and marketing elements can help improve the overall user experience and increase sales.
  9. Marketing and other issues: The lack of unique branding and marketing efforts makes the website appear unprofessional and untrustworthy. This can lead to a lack of customer trust and, in turn, hinder conversions.


We recommend connecting with a Shopify expert or storefront designer to address these issues as soon as possible to improve your online store's credibility and user experience. 


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


All the best, 


CedCommerce || Shopify Expert
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Looks very basic and not many products, you need a mega menu at the top instead of individual product links , some imagery at the top of the homepage to tell people what your store is about would be good.

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HI @Aperinterior,


This is Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app


Congrats on your new store! I have just had a look at your store. Your store is quite simple. I have some suggestions for your Collection page and Product page for a better chance of gaining sales. May it help!


1. Make a sticky header

Enhance customer experience with a sticky header that allows quick access to navigation, search, and utility-navigation elements as they scroll on your page. This is the fastest and most efficient way for customers to find necessary information when visiting your website.



2. Add a Hero banner and clear and compelling CTAs

The banner is particularly important to have attractive imagery and design. It is the first thing customers see when they visit your collection. Let's get consumers to know exactly what you're having in 5 seconds first.


Besides, a primary call to action button is one of the important things for a home page of an online store. You can highlight the ATC buttons by using hover feature to it.

With this button, you will redirect customers to the page you want them to take action mostly. It can redirect to a product page.


3. Add Testimonials (Collection page) 

There are no customer reviews, testimonials, or social proof on the Collection page, Product page. Adding these elements could help build trust with visitors and increase the likelihood of conversions.


Customer reviews are proof of your product quality. This section will help you build customers' trust. You can show rating stars for each review and you can also add customers’ photos above their names to enhance trust in what they say, like this:




4. Add Customer Reviews (Product page)

Customer reviews are a powerful tool for building trust with potential buyers. Including reviews on your product pages shows that you are transparent and value the opinions of your customers. When shoppers see positive reviews from other customers, it increases their confidence in the product and makes them more likely to trust your brand.


Additionally, with Mother's Day 2023 fast approaching, also ranked as the third most significant holiday following Black Friday and Christmas, it is an opportune time to consider some compelling concepts for your business to take full advantage on this occasion.


1. Use colors palette associated with Mother’s Day

This kind of change makes your store more welcoming. You can refer to these pairs of colors:

  • Pastel Pink and Green: This color palette is soft, delicate, and feminine, making it a popular choice for Mother's Day. It includes shades of light pink, blush, and pale green, which evoke feelings of tenderness, love, and springtime.
  • Red and White: This classic color combination is timeless and elegant, and it's often used to symbolize the love and appreciation we have for our mothers. It's a bold and impactful color palette that can be used to create a variety of different designs.
  • Lilac and Light Blue: This color palette is soft and soothing, with shades of pale purple and blue that are reminiscent of springtime flowers and clear skies. It's a calming and peaceful color palette that's perfect for creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere on Mother's Day.



2. Offer special discounts

Create special deals during Mother’s Day event like bundle or 1+1 offer is one of the best ways to boost your sales. You can highlight them on your homepage to be visible as soon as visitors reach your page and make it easy to navigate through your product offerings.


3. Create gift guides or a special section with product recommendations.

Creating gift guides or a product recommendation section can help increase engagement and sales on your Mother's Day landing page. By organizing products by categories and themes, you can make it easier for shoppers to find the perfect gift for their mothers. Including product descriptions, images, and customer reviews can also help improve the shopping experience and boost conversion rates.


Hope all my suggestions will be helpful to you. Good luck and have a nice day! 



Richard | PageFly

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