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Pre-Ordering Stock (for non-mass brands)

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I haven't launched my store yet on Shopify simply because I wanted to know if there were a feature for clients to pre-order items that have yet to be under production. I'm working alone and don't have a large amount of resources to produce as many. For example—I want clients to pick the base-color first and delegate 'x' amount of orders that can be taken in order for me to prepare them in a certain amount of days. Can I still charge the clients before production? Is there a way to notify then on the 'x' amount of days that it will take to produce due to the 'x' amount of orders I'm taking on board. 
To give the full picture—I'm opening a candle business.

Thank you to anyone that is able to give feedback. I highly appreciate your help!

Kind regards,

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Hi @NandiniS ,

You can most certainly do this by setting your stock to 0 and ticking "Continue Selling When Out of Stock". What this does is add a notification to the user on the cart and page that his product is on pre-order and will take "X" Days to Deliver. 

That way "Pre-Order" will show as well. And to make sure the customer doesn't miss this as well you can add this info on the Shipping Profile inside the Checkout.

Let me know if this helps!

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Hi there!
Kad Pre-Order App can help you with that. You can set up pre-orders for products or each variant of the product separately. Use different typs of notifications to inform your customers regarding delivery terms (Tooltip above "Pre-order" button, Mixed cart notification on the "Checkout" button, Email notification right after pre-order was made). All the pre-orders will be tagged as "pre-order" it make monitoring of the orders with the delaid delivery. 

Check this out