Prevent Google crawl displaying prices in Google search results

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As a B2B business, accessing our prices on our website requires an account for login and unique customer tag.

However, despite this measure, Google displays wholesale prices when searching for our company and product names. This poses a significant issue, as both competitors and the general public can access our pricing information.

How can we prevent Google from crawling/indexing our prices so the product but not pricing and stock level information appears in Google search results?

We still want the product picture and description to appear on Google - just not price inflation - so we are not looking at indexing out the whole page.

Thank you for any ideas - this has been an ongoing challenge! 

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Hi @Uniqwa_C ,

It seems like you're facing a frustrating situation with Google displaying wholesale prices for your products despite having a login requirement on your website. This can indeed be a significant issue for maintaining competitiveness and controlling access to pricing information.

One approach you can take to prevent Google from indexing your pricing and stock level information while still allowing product pictures and descriptions to appear in search results is by utilizing the "robots.txt" file on your website. This file tells search engine crawlers which pages or directories they should or shouldn't crawl.


To implement this, you would need to disallow access to the pages containing pricing and stock level information within your robots.txt file. You can specify the URLs of these pages or directories so that Google's crawlers won't index them. However, keep in mind that this method relies on the cooperation of search engines, and while most reputable search engines honour robots.txt directives, there's no guarantee that all will comply.

Another approach you can consider is using the "noindex" meta tag on the specific pages containing pricing and stock-level information. This tag tells search engines not to index the content of the page, preventing it from appearing in search results. This method gives you more control over which pages are indexed, but it requires implementing the meta tag directly into the HTML code of your web pages.


Additionally, you may want to review your website's overall SEO strategy and ensure that your login-required pages are properly configured to prevent indexing. This could involve optimizing your site's structure and content to prioritize what you want to appear in search results while excluding sensitive information like pricing.


Overall, a combination of these strategies—utilizing robots.txt, implementing noindex meta tags, and refining your SEO approach—should help mitigate the issue of Google displaying wholesale prices for your products. However, it's essential to regularly monitor and adjust your approach as needed to maintain control over your online presence and protect your business interests.



Mark Pindar