Pricing conversion is different on catalogue vs product page. How to fix?

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Hi our pricing is weird. On the catalogue page, it's USD $ but product page it's CAD $, how can this be fixed?


A  customer is based in Canada while our store is default USD.

Catalogue page:



vs Product Page:






I'm currently using this app: not sure if related.

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I would likely say it's something to do with your currency formatting and how your theme or the apps are coded/configured.

There may be a chance either the catalog/product pages aren't setup to be matching/both showing the conversion or there may be a conflict with an app or something.

If you have a look at this guide on how to enable currency codes in your theme, make sure that is enabled and it should display what currency is being shown on the product page vs category page.

If they match and both show USD or both show CAD, then you can check your currency formatting under Settings > Store details > Change formatting (under the Currency formatting section) and ensure you have:

{{ amount }}

Set under HTML with currency and without currency.

If I were you, I would also download a fresh (or older version of your current) theme to test it and see if the issue is happening there still to rule out of it's a coding error in the theme or mismatch with an app configuration.

If that all looks good then it may require a bit of a deeper dive into your shop and app configurations to track down the exact reason. I'd be happy to offer my services if you ever needed a hand with it!

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