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I'm setting up a online shop here in Shopify and the shop has the following requirements:


  1. Allow recurring subscriptions for digital services/products: my current options are Appstle or Subify (I'm accepting suggestions here)
  2. This digital services/products are paid every month and the owner of the shop will upload multiple content throughout the month for the subscribed customers. This content should be visible in their private customer area. I know that Shopify does not have this built in and the customer area does not cover these needs.

So, my question is: What can I use in order to personalize the private customer area to have a section/tab to include a list of content (this could be something like links to external videos, for example). So, whenever the owner adds content to this section, it will be visible for all paying customers.


The other option I have in mind is to add a customer tag after the purchase and this customer tag will give him access to a private page that should be only visible for paying customers. Do you know if this is possible? 


Thank you.

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Hi @joaomfmartins , 

For recurring subscriptions, try to consider using apps like Appstle or Subify to manage paymentws. 

In order to personalize the customer area, you can customize customer account pages or use customer tags to grant access to private page.

Consult with a Shopify expert for guidance and assistance in implementing these features 

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