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I have the wholesale side of things set up for this product I am testing and that works with bold custom pricing app as I reached out to their support and they say its no issue on their end / app.  The 21" duffel.
When you log in as wholesale, it will show the cheaper price. but what I can't figure out, is how to still have that product show when not logged in, showing a higher price on our page.
1. Need the product to still show on main page WITHOUT logging in ( can't see it on page at all) and also want the higher price to show
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Dear @alyssadunny 

Please share store ulr and screenshot regarding the issue.

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Was this issue happening before you installed their app?

If not, I would tell them that, they should help you install it so it works as expected.

If it is an issue with your theme, it sounds like you want to look in the code for conditional logic based on the logged in user (the customer liquid object:

In your case, I'm guessing there is some code like this:

{% if customer %}
  Customer is logged in, any code here will show only to logged in users.
{% endif %}


Here's how I would debug and fix:

1) Search your theme files for {% if customer %}. That might help you identify this.

2) If you can't find any, read the code in the files that pertain to where they're showing (example, if it's home page, look in the index template / sections and snippets).

3) Duplicate your live theme, edit the code on the backup theme so that if something goes wrong, your live site is not affected.

If you're not familiar with editing theme code, or finding code to edit, this guide will help:

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Not signed in, you can't view the product - we want to be able to see the product still on site if you aren't logged in and also to show the higher the price.


Signed in, you can see the price at the lower price for wholesale nd thats how we want it too.