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Hello Experts,


This is my newly created store, I want feedback.



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Hi @taybun 


Congratz to new store released, you have really nice store now. But, I have some suggestions to optimize your store:

- Add About Us page for your store

Your store is new, so you should add an about us page for your store to build customer trust and customer awareness. This helps your store look more professional and customers can know well about who you are, what you are selling. 



- Add CTA button in product section

I didn’t find any way to navigate to your product page except the menu bar. So, this product section needs CTA (Call-to-action) button such as View all details to drive customers to product pages. 



- Highlight your header

This header needs to be highlighted to pay more attention to your customers, you can use bold text or change color text.

- Add CTA Button in banner

I can click right on the banner to navigate to the product page, but I think you still need a CTA Button to make it clearer and more attractive. This thing will help you increase more traffic to your product page and purchase rate as well. 



- Add trust badge for your store

You are selling something about computer hardware, so you need to have a trust badge to let your customers know that your product is safe for their computer. This is one of the very necessary things to create customer trust, you should add it in your home page. 



- Remove duplicated links

Your footer has two contact us links, you should remove one of these.



- Build your social media

Social media is an important sales channel for all stores, you should post something and create some ads to boost traffic to your stores. 





Hope this helpful!

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Hi @taybun,

This is Kate from PageFly, - Shopify Landing Page Builder App.

I see your page is nice and elegant. It's evident that you've invested time and effort into making it visually appealing and functional. Well done!

From my experience, I have some feedback to improve your store.


1. Change the banner image

Your background image, when customers look at it, doesn't give a clear idea of what products you are selling.

A clear and well-designed banner is often the first thing visitors see when they land on a website. It helps create a positive first impression, conveying professionalism and a sense of purpose.


2. Add Call to action button 

You can add “Add to cart" button to this section. It's a tip to encourage customers to make decisions quickly.


3. Adjust review section

On mobile, the review section is not balanced; one column has many reviews, while the other column is empty. It should be balanced to have two columns equal in length.


That’s all of my feedback. Hope it helps to increase your conversion rate.

Happy New Year 2024! Let's make this year the most rewarding one yet for our businesses.



Kate | PageFly team

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