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Had a quick question about product titles, should the store name be included in the tile of the product?  And if you remove it, does it increase you page speed?  thank you Giuliana

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Dear @Giuliana 

If you have your own product and want to make a brand of your store name, then you can use it.

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Hi Johnny,

Thank you for your reply.  I thought so but wanted to be certain it does increase page speed.

Thanks talk soon.


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Product labels are "virtual stickers" that are added to your online products to pay attention to special offers/information about a product. A Shopify product label is shown on the product image in the form of a sticker and uses attractive colors and a small text to help the shopper know why the product is being highlighted. With product labels, you can tell shoppers at your Shopify store what is selling fast, what they like, what is on sale, and more. This can be done without having to send them any marketing message.

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I have a question as well, if anyone is interested in helping me out. I have added a new title for my product, however when I hit preview, for some reason it is coming up with the title that I selected for the product, the price of the product underneath that (Tax included), however underneath that shows again ''Title'' and then then a box with the old title of the product as well for some reason. Just need to mention that this is a dropshipping product from Ali Express. Any ideas why that might be ? As even though I deleted the original title of the product in the description and added my own title, when I preview it, it shows my new title, however it also shows the old original title of the product underneath it - in a box, which I am unable to edit, even though I technically deleted the old title of the product. I hope this makes sense. I would be grateful for your input. Thanks! 

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Very simply: I want to change the word "Products" to the word "Creatures."  Can I do that?