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Hi! Since the pandemic I was forced to take down my hand sanitizers because of the COVID. Now that the pandemic is over and everything world wide is back opened. When can I put my sanitizers back on shopify??? It unfair that many websites are allowing their customers to sell their products/sanitizers on their website but this one. 

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Hi @PreciousPetals 


Who told you that you could not list them on Shopify? We never had any issues with Shopify during the whole pandemic and sold lots of these types of products. Google had a few issues and so did Ebay but once we contacted them and proved we had always sold these items before the pandemic, and had not put our prices up to make extra money from the pandemic they were allowed back on straight away.

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I had to send in a ingredients product list and everything. They made me
take each product down I could even have it in my draft through shopify...I
was threatened that I could lose my website behind it. Which was unfair
because I put a lot of time and effort into my products to have been told
to delete each item!!!