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Quickbooks Integration/inventory issues

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our website has been growing quickly especially with the current market. That being said our work flow is shopify --> shipstation --> webgility --> quickbooks. 

We are looking for a application that can help manage our shopify shipments better as shipstation doesn't have the ability to store inventory and we also seem to run into inventory issues. Also Quickbooks barcoding system doesn't allow you to pick and pack shopify orders unless it comes into the system as a sales order. Does anyone else just use quickbooks as their accounting software and keep their inventory in another program? Also what programs are you using to ship orders? We are just trying to find ways to eliminate manual paperwork etc. 

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Hi @Oblackman 

ShipStation actually does have the ability to store & track inventory.


We use ShipStation for fulfillment & shipping but not inventory (mostly because we already had QuickBooks set up for tracking our inventory prior to using ShipStation, and the inventory in QB flows directly to the company balance sheet and P&L's).

We use an app called Exportly to send our Shopify orders to QuickBooks as Sales Receipts to deduct from our inventory. There are other apps for connecting Shopify to QuickBooks with more features, but Exportly is among the least expensive that we've seen, and gets the job done for us, and the developer is pretty good with support.


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@BobsMojo Trunk can now keep stock levels synced in real-time between Shopify + QuickBooks Online! More info @

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