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Hi all, 

We started a ecommerce store out of COVID selling novelty stickers, please have a look at it

Please give us your honest opinion of the how the site looks and feels? 

We've done a few ad campaigns through facebook and instagram (@stkrcompany) but are getting low conversions. 

Do you guys have any tips and/or suggestions that will assist us?

Any feedback is welcomed, thanks in advance!

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Hi @tonight99 

After spending a few minutes on your Homepage, I have some recommendations that might be useful for you.

1. Navigation bar

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 14.38.32.png

I suggest that you should add more pages on the navigation bar like: Collections page, About Us, Shipping Guides,.... That would be really useful for users when they're inside your page.

One more thing is that make your Navigation bar sticky, cause when the customers scrolling up and down they still want to know how many products are in their cart and what page they want to go next on your store.

2. Hero banner

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 14.44.17.png

Hero banner is a perfect key to boost up the conversion rate of your store. So make your hero banner clearly as most as possible.

To be honest, for the first time I access your store I don't know what exactly what product you're selling. So you can change your title such as: Discover the lastest Sticker, ...

The CTA button you should make lager to encourage customers to click on it.

3. Featured products

When you have more products in your store, you can display a section called: "Featured products / Top selling products"

Your customer would know what products should buy in your store, they will decide more quickly and buy more products.

4. Themed products

Many first-time users don’t have a clear sense of what they are looking for. This is especially true when someone visits a store looking for gifts for other people. In this case, recommending products based on particular criteria will greatly improve the experience of these customers.

The criteria for product recommendation could be:

  • Occasion: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc..
  • Type of customers / Gift recipients: Superhero, Supreme, Marvel,...

Believe me, this would be amazing for anyone access your store.

Those are some recommendations I'd like to suggest to your store. Moreover, you can check this article to optimize your Homepage.



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Hi @tonight99 

Your product and concept are unique and can have scope however the presentation needs some improvement on your store. Here are some of my suggestions regarding the store and from the marketing aspect.

* Have a clear caption on your Homepage banner so that the user can relate to the product straight away and get an idea that what the product is all about and what value he is getting from it. The homepage banner is the most important place to create the first impression of the user. So the word The Collection should replace by a customer value statement that defines the core value of your brand.

* I would also recommend doing a little work on your logo to make it more attractive and more relatable to the audience. 

* Add a products page on your store showcasing all your products, information about them, and prices to make the store more valuable in customers' eyes.

* Where would those stickers be placed on? That should be presented to the audience as well to create the value of the usefulness of these stickers. 

* Add a live chat widget on your store so that you can welcome your visitors and answer their queries.

* From a marketing perspective, I would highly recommend integrating an abandoned cart recovery email mechanism so that you can intelligently collect the email ids, and retarget those potential customers with customized email messages. To implement this feature, you can try the Abandoned Cart Recovery email app by Care Cart.

* As Christmas approaches, it's high time to market your stickers, make some marketing messages relevant to the occasion and your products. Market them through social media.

Lastly, I would say before going for an ads campaign, tweak your store a bit by making it more clear and valuable, add product pages and integrate some In-store marketing tactics like email marketing, live traffic to products to boost buyer's confidence. Hope this helps.

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Hello @tonight99, I hope you are doing well! here are some suggestions:

- All the images must be aligned on the product page.

The home Page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. Slideshow Image- Collection List- New arrivals, Bestsellers- Testimonials- Newsletter sign up box- Instagram Feed.

- You need to engage your visitors coming to your site by giving loyalty reward points which will increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value. You can add a chatbot to make sure you never lose any of your customers. You can add web push notifications which will help you to retarget your customers anytime even when they are not in your store. This will help you to run your store smoothly and decrease the bounce rate and will capture your visitors and convert them into prospective or paying customers. You will be able to retain your customers for the long term.

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to install the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps! 

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