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Hi everyone! Ive spent the last few days building a website for my store. It would be a great help if anyone could provide some feedback on what I could improve on. Im relatively new to this so I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

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Hey @LukeHussey.

Thanks for reaching out. 
I appreciate that you have shared your online store URL for us to explore! Looking into your store, I did want to bring to your attention that the favicon is either stuck loading or doesn't appear when the homepage is successfully loaded. A favicon is a small image that displays on the browser tab and represents the business/company. It typically is the logo or first letter of the business. This may be occurring due to a third-party application that can customization on the browser tab. 
You have a beautiful store, by the way! What do you think adding a slideshow section to the online store homepage as the first section? This can allow your visitors to learn more about the business without having the scroll. Additionally, it can make the store homepage more engaging and interactive. 
I would suggest adding an option to the header navigation menu to allow your visitors to be directed to your product page here. This can make it easier for your visitors to find the products available as it will be listed in the menu as well as the homepage.
Let me know if you have any questions. 

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Luke, 

This is Amee from Gojiberry - Shopify Survey & Feedback App

First of all, I must say what a beautiful store and a beautiful cause! I used to do pet portraits for people in my past career and I really love your work. 

Here is some feedback on how I think you can improve your store:

1. Adding an add to cart/action button under your product 
2. I love your story, perhaps adding a blog about the stories behind why people are requesting a pet portrait or just lovely/funny stories about pets and their owners would really help add an emotional side to your business and also help with SEO traffic
3. Adding a product section to the menu
4. Since you already have some converting customers, it would be nice to add a post-purchase survey (either marketing attribution -- where they found out about you) or ask them for further chats through a one-on-one interview. You can reward your customers through coupons or points incentives to keep them coming back. 

I personally like your story a lot, and wonder if you'd be willing to tell your story and be featured on our blog? If this is something you are interested in, I'd be happy to reach out privately. 

Hope this helps!

Amee | Gojiberry Team

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Shopify Community is helpful, BUT... why not start asking your customers for feedback instead?

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Hi @LukeHussey ,


This is Kate from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

I'm impressed with your site, especially considering you're just starting out. It looks clean, clear, and professional. I also noticed that you've paid attention to SEO, which is a great touch.

I took a moment to review your store and have some suggestions based on your queries that might help improve your conversion rates:  


1. Add a detailed description for your products (portraits)

If you're just starting out and haven't received feedback from customers yet, consider providing a comprehensive description of the materials used in your products. For instance, detail the type of paper you use, its resilience, any special care instructions, and guarantees for customers in case of any issues.

I'd be happy to provide some examples for reference. Let me know if you're interested. 


Or another one with this layout: 


This makes it easier for customers to trust your brand and make a purchase decision.


2. Add a favicon logo for Feline Frames

The favicon is a small logo that displays on the browser tab. It helps customers recognize your brand and makes your tab stand out from others.


This is a subtle yet significant detail that completes your store's branding. You can add it through the Shopify editor page. 


3. Make your brand’s story stand out 

I've gone through your 'About Us' page and found it quite engaging, with a personal and unique touch, which is commendable. Given that many visitors might skip this page, consider highlighting a brief section about it on the homepage as well.


4. Make a how-it-looks-like section


"Offering a visualization tool or showcasing photos of your product in real-life settings can be incredibly impactful. It not only enhances the shopping experience but also helps potential buyers imagine the product in their own space. 

This can greatly influence their decision to purchase.


5. Create a holiday promotion for your brand 

Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner, presenting an excellent opportunity for you to introduce promotional or upsell campaigns to give your store a festive touch. Incorporating such elements can heighten visitors' excitement and potentially drive higher conversion rates. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • A countdown timer signaling the start or end of a sale. You can simple name is as “Exclusie Christmas Offer” or polish it with something like: “Jingle All The Frame: Treasured Moments, Timeless Beauty!” Just a fun suggestion, I hope it helps. 


  • A promotion section: Highlight exclusive deals, bundled offers, or special discounts available for a limited time. Use vibrant graphics and compelling copy to catch the attention of shoppers. Then add a catching name for the campaign. For examples: "Frosty Savings", "Joyful Jingles, Joyful Prices", "Santa's Special Savings", … 



I hope you find these suggestions valuable. If they resonate with you, let me know by giving them a thumbs-up or marking it as a solution. Wishing you a fantastic day ahead and continued success with your business. 

Keep up the outstanding work, Luke!


Kate | PageFly team

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Hey Luke!

The "see what our customers are saying" section is empty. It should ideally display UGC in form of reviews or even social media posts of your customers/influencers to built more trust for your business.

You dont need to write code for it. Use Idukki app on app store to build this section with beautiful designed widgets.  There is also a free forever plan with limited capabilities to test first.